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1:1 iPad Environment at SJ

In the fall of 2014, St Joseph High School began its 1:1 Apple iPad initiative across all grades. After several years of research, school visits, and conferences, the iPad was selected as the most accessible, resourceful, and practical technology for the college preparatory classroom.

Why iPads? The iPad:

  • Supports a variety of teaching and learning styles
  • Encourages student centered learning
  • Enhances our commitment to the 21st century skills initiative
  • Fosters inquiry based learning
  • Develops critical thinking skills
  • Emphasizes global awareness
  • Accesses real world, real time knowledge

The iPad creates an information-rich learning environment wherein individual achievement and collaborative projects become the standard.

Each student is required to have their iPad at school every day, fully charged.

Please click here for detailed information on how to create an iTunes account.

Who must purchase the iPad?

Students are responsible for purchasing their personal device. Many students already have iPads. Others may wish to purchase more advanced models.

Which iPad should I purchase?

The base level iPad that meets the requirements is the Apple iPad 16GB WiFi.


St Joseph High recommends the Apple iPad 32G WiFi.

The minimum 16G WiFi model is workable, but has limited storage capacity for school work. Personal e-books, music, movies, etc., also demand larger storage capacity.

The mini IPad is acceptable, though the student should be comfortable with the smaller screen.

Does my child need the 3G/4G capability?

Students do not need the 3G/4G capability in school. Note: If a student's iPad, smart phone, or any computing device has 3G or 4G capability, SJHS cannot filter online activity on campus.

Where do I purchase the iPad?

You can purchase your iPad from any Apple reseller (e.g., Amazon; Best Buy), or a local Apple Store, or the online Apple Store.

What are the Costs?

For 32Gb, the iPad Air is $599 and the iPad mini with retina display is $499.

At 16Gb, the iPad Air is $499, iPad 2 is $399, iPad mini with retina display is $399 and iPad mini is $299.


We are working with Apple to offer a discount purchase plan for the newer, larger 32GB Wi-Fi iPad with Retina display at a savings for families. Note: this is a more costly device.

Apple does offer a small educational discount online and in their retail stores.

Can I purchase the iPad through St Joseph High School?

Yes, there will be an online form on our website in the near future so that parents can order the iPad from St Joseph High School. It is the student’s responsibility upon receipt of the iPad to care and maintain the iPad. St Joseph High School is not responsible for the care, replacement and/or repair of the iPad under any circumstances.


St Joseph High will continue to provide textbooks, and will provide both electronic and print editions where available.

However, with e-books student backpacks will be significantly lighter. Many parents who already purchase a second copy of our textbooks to keep at home, may find the electronic copies a back-saver. Also, many of the assigned literature books are conveniently available online at reasonable or no expense.

What else will my child need in addition to the iPad?

We strongly suggest the purchase of a good case to protect the iPad from accidental damage and the 2-year AppleCare program.

What happens if the IPad is stolen, lost or broken? Do we need insurance?

The iPad is the property of the student/ family. St Joseph High School is not responsible for stolen, lost or broken iPads. Parents may want to purchase insurance or AppleCare to cover accidental damage.

What apps will be required?

Teachers are currently determining the educational apps that will be utilized in their classrooms. Teachers may require particular apps for specific academic disciplines. New educational apps are being developed constantly. Remaining current in the field is a major advantage of tech-enhanced learning.


St Joseph High School employs several safeguards to ensure the student’s safety while on the school’s network. However, the school is not responsible for a student’s use and abuse of the Internet.

Is there an Acceptable Use Policy for the iPad?

Yes, there is an updated Acceptable Use Policy for the 2016-2017 school year. Students and parents are required to sign and return the school’s iPad Acceptable Use Policy Agreement. Please click on the link for the iPad Acceptable Use Policy.

Can families opt out of the iPad program?

Participation in the iPad program is required of every student who attends St Joseph High School.

Creating an Account on an iPad

Please click on the following link for instruction on how to creat your account on the iPad. Instructions for creating an account on an iPad

iPad Updates: Creating an iPad account on a computer

Please click on the following link to learn how to create an iPad account on a computer. Creating and iPad account on a computer

iPad Apps to be Downloaded

Please click on the following link to see a list of application to be downloaded on your iPad. iPad Apps to be Downloaded
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