A Competitive Edge for College Admission

Prepare to meet the challenges of the collegiate world in an academic program that stretches students beyond curriculum to become problem solvers, critical thinkers, language aficionados, art lovers, and lifelong learners. 

At St Joes, our aspirational academics are intentionally designed to develop student intellect, inspire spiritual reflection, and build character and integrity. It’s how we ensure every SJ Cadet makes the most of every high school moment.




Academic Fast Facts




There’s a reason we say St Joes Cadets are on a mission for more. 

It’s because here, students are always striving forward. They’re eager to discover new talents and expand existing passions. They’re determined to reach the goals they’ve set for themselves. And they’re ready to serve something greater — their community, their faith, and the larger world. 

SJ Cadets are on this mission because, at St Joseph High School, we give every student exceptional opportunities to do more with their high school years. 

  • Our dynamic, personalized scheduling ensures every St Joes student receives a rigorous, multidimensional education tailored to their needs and abilities.
  • Advanced courses and electives elevate the St Joes learning experience, encouraging students to develop their talents, intellect, and personal identity.
  • College and school counseling provide individualized guidance and support beginning freshman year, preparing students to make informed decisions about higher education and career opportunities. 
  • Our exceptional faculty combine academic credentials and practical experience to both support and challenge students, inspiring collaboration, creativity, and critical thinking.​​​​​​​
  • Our school-family partnership philosophy allows us to reinforce shared values and provide students with an education based on a foundation of love, kindness, and caring.

No matter where a student is on their high school journey, St Joes helps them seek out their talents, strive for greatness, serve the common good, and thrive with confidence. I hope you’ll soon join us on this mission for more.


Mrs Nancy DiBuono

Students stuyding