Academic Fast Facts


Intellect, Inspiration, Identity, and Integrity.

St Joseph High School is an exceptional Catholic institution of learning.  Our goal is to develop students' intellect through challenging academics, inspire students through faith, encourage students to discover who they are; and assist students to become young people of integrity.

Our curriculum at St Joes is rigorous and prepares students to meet the challenges of the collegiate world.  Our program offers a variety of electives designed to encourage students to develop their passions and challenge their minds. We foster a love for learning in our students so that they can become articulate and collaborating young adults who can think critically as members of our ever changing world. 

Our dedicated faculty and staff work collaboratively to create student-centered classrooms where students are actively engaged in their own learning. Whether it is in a traditional classroom or the scenic boardwalk, students are the focus. Our faculty members respect each students' diverse learning style and design and implement a variety of differentiated strategies and activities to meet the needs of all learners. In recent years, teachers have placed a major focus on implementing technology to enhance the classroom experience. 

We believe a St Joe's graduate will be an excellent civic-minded citizen who will be guided by their strong Catholic faith as they work diligently to be successful in all endeavors.

Mrs Nancy DiBuono



School News

Front of School, Students with Masks

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