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Our most important goal is to challenge our students to grow spiritually, academically and socially during their years at St Joseph High School so as to enable them to achieve at the highest levels here, in college, and in life.

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Computer Technology & Business

Mrs Angelica Abelson, MA |  Chairperson  | 

Department Philosophy

The Technology and Business Department is committed to provide the highest quality learning experience, with state of the art technologies, to our students to reach their personal and academic goals. Computer technologies are integrated to complement the students’ interests, needs, and skills. We strive to offer each student the greatest possible resources and support to prepare them for higher learning and their future endeavors. This begins in our computer lab, where there is ample opportunity for each student to benefit individually from the instructor’s assistance and knowledge, and continues through 4 years of classroom experiences that encourage technological integration and stress digital citizenship. 

The Technology and Business Department recognizes our responsibility to develop and offer courses for students to acquire a sound foundation in both basic and specialized skills. Our aim is to enable students to develop a background that will effectively serve them in life.


Mrs Eileen Broderick, MA  |  Chairperson  |

Department Philosophy

The St Joseph High School English Department presents students with a challenging curriculum that focuses on reading, writing, and critical thinking skills. The goals of the English curriculum are to provide a four-year literature based program to assist in the development of excellence in writing and speaking skills, learning to critically analyze challenging literature and original source texts, as well as building vocabulary and grammar skills. We employ 21st century technology to promote media literacy and to develop students who are prepared to meet their future academic and career goals in an ever-changing technological world.

Fine Arts

Mrs Kathleen Cardillo, MA  |  Chairperson  | 

Department Philosophy

St Joseph High School believes that every student requires a well-rounded education and that the formation of the whole student through arts education is integral to this experience. A foundation in the arts develops cognitive & analytical skills, the ability to self-direct, communicate more effectively, and sharpens critical and creative skills. Research has shown that what students learn in the arts helps them to master other subjects, such as: literature, math, engineering, and social studies.  The arts allow students to develop self-expression through visual, aural and performance mediums. Upon completion of the program, students should possess a basic understanding and appreciation of the arts in both modern and historical contexts.

Health & Wellness

Mr Kevin Butler, MA  |  Chairperson  |

Department Philosophy

St Joseph High School believes in educating the whole student, spiritually, academically and physically. Health & Wellness offers physical activities that emphasize cardiovascular endurance, muscular strength, flexibility and agility and that students can participate in for a lifetime of health and wellness. Teamwork, positive attitude, good sportsmanship and interactions with classmates are emphasized.

Health & Wellness classes are required for freshmen and sophomores enrolled in the computer and fine arts electives. Students enrolled in music courses are exempt from the Health & Wellness requirement. 


Robin Berry, MA  |  Chairperson  |

Department Philosophy

The philosophy of the Mathematics Department is to comprehensively build on the mathematical knowledge students have gained throughout their education. The Mathematics Departments strives to offer a learning environment that fosters analytical thinking, logical reasoning, problem-solving skills, and an appreciation for the beauty and precision of mathematics.


Daniel Walsh, Ph.D.  |  Chairperson  |

Department Philosophy

The Science Department at St Joseph High School strives to prepare students for life in a technologically advancing society. Students are taught the importance of science in everyday life as well as an understanding and appreciation of the laws of nature and the universe. Science is a process of inquiry rather than a collection of facts. Through laboratory work, students are taught how to ask the right questions about nature and learn how the sciences interconnect. The department goal is to prepare students to understand the mysteries of the planet, the ecosystems, and the various species populating Earth, and themselves as human beings.

Social Studies

Karl Valois, Ph.D.  |  Chairperson  |

Department Philosophy

The Social Studies Department promotes liberal arts instruction that leads to informed citizenship and an inculcation of Christian principles and moral values. Historical knowledge can serve as a bridge to the present, explaining and illuminating how we have developed as a civilization. Students are introduced to a thought-provoking process of investigation and analysis centered on social issues: racism, poverty, gender, minorities, war, tolerance, equality and social justice, to develop critical thinking skills, diversity of opinion and moral sensibility. 


Meghan Piatak, MTS  |  Chairperson  |

Department Philosophy

The mission of the Theology Department is to proclaim the Gospel of Jesus Christ through the magisterial teachings of the Roman Catholic Church. The department educates the whole person through rigorous academic courses based on the four pillars of the Catechism of the Catholic Church and through a community that promotes spiritual growth. It is the goal of the department that students be able to articulate the Faith, develop a closer relationship with the Triune God, and manifest the Gospel values in their lives.

World Language

Mrs Giulia Terese, MA  |  Chairperson  |

Department Philosophy

The mission of the World Language Department is to educate the whole student through the teaching of language, grammar, and culture. The ACTFL National Standards for World Language teaching/learning are applied to each course. Emphasis is placed on cultural themes, topics, and issues of target language countries in order to promote respect and empathy. The department encourages students to look beyond their own community and embrace diversity in a multicultural society.