SAT/ACT Dates & Reminders

Testing Dates for the ACT and SAT for 2018-2019

ACT Dates:          

SAT Dates:

Important Information to bring into ACT and SAT Testing Days:

  • Bring a copy of your printed ticket with you on the day of the test and a photo ID
  • Bring 2 No.2 pencils the day of the exam
  • Bring a calculator to use on the designated math sections of either exams
  • You are allowed a bottle of water and snack-this can be eatten outside of the testing room

Things are you are not allowed to bring into the exams:

  • Books, dictionaries, scratch paper or notes
  • Highlight pens, colored pens or correction fluid
  • NO electronic devices other than a permitted calculator

Department Hours:
Monday to Friday

Office: (203) 378-9378
Fax: 203-375-7922
School Code: 070797


Important Documents for Seniors:

Transcript Releases for Seniors: