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Did you know you can grow lettuce without soil? How would you like to perform and analyze an EKG with your classmate and then diagnose a patient using only their symptoms and basic lab results? Are you ready to get a little muddy as you explore the Wetlands wildlife on campus?


The Science Department prepares students for life in a technologically advancing society. Students are taught the importance of science in everyday life as well as an understanding and appreciation of the laws of nature and the universe. Science is a process of inquiry rather than a collection of facts. Through laboratory work, students are taught how to ask the right questions about nature and learn how the sciences interconnect. Students will prepare to understand the mysteries of the planet, the ecosystems, the various species populating Earth, and themselves as human beings.

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Recent Grads Majoring in Science

Science Courses

Meet Our Science Faculty

"AP Bio has furthered my love of science. Dr. Walsh does a wonderful job of not only teaching in an interactive and exciting manner, but preparing us for a future in STEM."Helen '21

Notable Alumni Working in the Science Fields

  • Kathryn Grive '05 - Assistant Professor of Obstetrics & Gynecology at Brown University (PhD, Brown University)
  • Elizabeth Macari '01 - Associate Director, Bluebird Bio (PhD, Dartmouth College)
  • Camille Bilodeau '10 - Postdoctoral Associate at MIT (PhD, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institutie)
  • Timothy Gray '01 - Associate Fellow, Estee Lauder, Inc. (MS, Northwestern University)
  • Frederick Tan '97 - Bioinformatics Research Faculty at Carnegie Institute of Washington (PhD, Johns Hopkins University)
  • Kumba Adia Hinds '02 - Physician at Harvard Medical (MD, first graduation class at Quinnipiac School of Medicine)
  • Joanne Cyganowski '05 - Pediatrics Specialist at CT Children's Medical Center (MD, UConn)
  • Lauren Grossberg '02 - Research Scientist at Meta (PhD, Columbia University)
  • Matthew Cellini '05 - Emergency Medical Physician and Captain United States Air Force (MD, Uniformed Services University of the Health Sciences)
  • Samantha Slattery '03 - Surgery Resident UConn (MD, University of South Florida)
  • Brian Yencho '97 - Software Developer at Livefront (PhD, University of Wisconsin)
  • Vivian Hernandez-Trujillo '91 - Director, Division of Allergy & Immunology at Nicklaus Children's Hospital (MD, Albany Medical College)
  • Christen Vogel '00 - Pediatrician at Stamford Health Medical Group (MD, UConn)
  • Patricia Lapera Rehring '05 - Congress of Neurological Surgeons (MS, University of the Sciences in Philadelphia)
  • Christopher Nugent '08 - Surgical Physician Assistant at St. Vincent's Medical Center (MS, Quinnipiac)
  • Jennifer Zysk '04 - Restorative Dentist at Holly Tree Dental (DMD, UConn)


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