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Did you know how a society's economy, racial make-up, and environmental geography are all related? Have you explored the importance of the interdependence of our government's judicial and legislative branches on policy making? Would you like to research a famous figure in history and create a living museum in their honor?


The Social Studies Department promotes liberal arts instruction that leads to informed citizenship. Historical knowledge
can serve as a bridge to the present, explaining and illuminating how we have developed as a civilization. Students are
introduced to a thought-provoking process of investigation and analysis centered on social, political, and international
issues intended to foster critical thinking skills, diversity of opinion, and moral sensibility.

Sample Coursework

"In AP US History, we don't focus on memorizing facts; we learn the stories. History has become much more interesting to me after taking courses at St. Joes."Eleanor '21

Social Studies Courses

Recent Grads Majoring in Social Studies

Sophie Chorek

College: University of Notre Dame

Major: Anthropology

Aspiration: University Professor

"St. Joes helped me with college prep, after-school activities, and finding my place both spiritually and in the community."

Carmine Russo '19

College: Providence College

Major: Psychology

"St Joes has helped me learn who I am and has taught me the ability to express myself, especially in Creative Writing. I learned how to express what I felt and showcase my ideas and thoughts on paper."

Jailyn McLean '19

College: University of North Carolina

Major: Political Science

"I wouldn't be as great a writer and able to explain myself thoroughly without St Joes. It's made such a positive impact on my mindset and how I view the world."

Kenneth Schneider '19

College: Xavier University

Major: TBD

Aspiration: Politics

"Being a part of the Student Ambassadors program has been an incredible experience. I loved being the first person people met when they came to St Joes; I took pride in making them feel welcome and helping them love the school as much as I do."

Tracey Logan '19

College: IONA College

Major: Social Work

"All of the teachers at St Joes have helped me to push myself and work harder. They taught me to the best version of myself."

Charlie Asetta '19

College: College of the Holy Cross

Major: Psychology & Theatre

Aspiration: School Counselor

"The St Joes difference for me was Peer Ministry. It's a self-evaluation class that led me to find who I am today. It helped me to discover my true gifts and talents."

Dori Grasso '19

College: Manhattanville College

Major: Child Pyschology

Aspiration: School Psychologist

"The essence of friendship and community at St Joes is unlike any other. They've taught us so much about our morals and our own values. I feel so much more well-rounded as a person."

Kayla Michaca '19

College: St. John's University

Major: Criminal Justice

Aspiration: Forensic Scientist

"Being part of the Futures Program gave me a once-in-a-lifetime experience. St Joes has given me a lifetime of moments that I could not have gotten any where else. I've made so many friends that I know I will never forget."

Emily Fodor '19

College: Central CT State University

Major: Political Science

Aspiration: Lawyer

"I chose to attend St Joes because of it's strong Catholic identity. The morals and values of the school are what led me to realize that what I want to do is help people. My goal is to become a lawyer and help people in any way I can." 

Molly McGuiness '19

College: Sarah Lawrence College

Major: Political Science & Film

"The guidance staff here were incredible. Mrs Baird took the time to get to know me, allow me to take courses of interest, and then help me find my next great fit, which is Sarah Lawrence.

I was also able to take Honors Political Philosophy and Women in Literature courses which allowed me to understand the fundamentals of democracy and find my passion."

Adele Whitlock

College: Mount Saint Mary

Major: Social Work & Criminology

Aspiration: Juvenile Justice Social Worker

"St. Joes prepares you for the real world. I've been taught what to expect in college and can confidently say I'm ready for anything. Working so closely with my guidance counselor has also inspired me to counsel others in the future."

Lindsay Giavannone

College: University of New Haven

Major: Legal Studies & Criminal Justice

Aspiration: Narcotics Canine Handler for the FBI

"I have a love for helping others that really came out at St. Joes. I've also learned a lot about hard work, dedication, and the difference I can make working out in the community."

Ava Ruxer '21

College: Western New England University

Major: Criminal Justice with a focus on Victim Studies

"My advice for incoming freshmen: don't stress. There are so many teachers and resources here to help you. You will be prepared for anything."

Madison DeAngelo '21

College: Salve Regina University

Major: Elementary & Secondary Education

"I feel prepared for college because St. Joes has taught me to work hard and push past my limits. St. Joes is a special place. After graduation, I'll truly miss the family I've made here."

Michael Brown '21

College: Norwich University

Major: Criminial Justice or Intelligence

Aspiration: U.S. Navy

"I'm so looking forward to college -- I've always had a desire to serve and protect my country. It's something I firmly believe in. But what I'll miss most about St. Joes is going to be all of my friends. I've made some great memories here."

Nathan Ortiz '21

College: University of New Haven

Major: Criminal Justice

Aspiration: State Trooper

"Thanks to everyone at SJ, I feel incredibly prepared for college. I'm looking forward to meeting new people and really growing as a person."

Sydney Leifer '21

College: University of St. Andrews (Scotland)

Major: International Relations

"Each year, the teachers at SJ push you further and further and truly prepare you for college. They want you to do better, learn more, and work harder. I know I'm ready for the next step and I'm excited for the new experiences to come."

Kayla Angrand '22

College: Springfield College

Major: Psychology & Theatre

"My advice for new freshmen is to be okay with being uncomfortable. Talk to different people. It might be scary but it is well worth it in the end."

Kayleigh Mezick '22

College: Fairfield University

Major: Psychology

"My advice for new students is to get involved and participate in extracurriculars. It is how you will make new friends. That's what worked for me!"


Lindsay Capobianco '22

College: Sacred Heart University

Major: Elementary Education 

Lindsay chose SHU because she "just fell in love with their campus". At SJ, Lindsay participates in Varsity Gymnastics and National Honor Society. After graduation, she will miss "the community and all of the friends she's made here". Her advice for new Cadets? "Get involved and enjoy your four years here!"

Morgan DeAngelo '22

College: Providence College

Major: Social Work & Psychology

"My advice for freshmen is try things that are out of your comfort zone. Join that sport or that club that interests you. You'll find your new friends that way - or even a career path for you down the line."

Meet our Social Studies Teachers

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