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Technology & Innovation


How would you like to learn how to build a robotic car from scratch? How about testing the limits and range of a unique paper airplane, followed by a course that features an actual flight simulator? Would you be interested in working as a team during an engineering project design course?

If the true purpose of education is to foster the ability to critically think, analyze, explore, and create, than what better way
to attain this goal than to offer courses intentionally designed to do just that? The Technology & Innovation courses focus
on collaborative, inquiry-based learning, which will assist the students with the skills needed to be successful in high school
and higher education. St. Joseph High School partners with Milestone C for many of our technology courses.

Sample Coursework

"I really enjoy Coding class and am excited to implement what I've learned in my college courses - like using MIT App Inventor software and Ardvino boards."Ryan '23

Technology & Innovation Courses

Recent Grads Majoring in Technology

John Donofio '21

College: Dartmouth College

Major: Computer Science

"Knowing that I want to go into Computer Science, I was able to take a variety of STEM courses that challenged me to really hone my problem solving skills."

Kyla DeBenedetto '21

College: University of Hartford

Major: Radiologic Technology

"I always knew that I wanted to go into the medical field. I have a passion for helping others and doing something beneficial for the world. I'm so grateful that the faculty at SJ have prepared me for the next step!"

Tianyu (David) Zhan

College: Virginia Polytechnic Institute

Major: Computer Science

"I chose Virginia Tech because of it's great computer program, which is what I love: computers and coding. I know that the college courses will challenge me, but I feel the St. Joes teachers have really helped me to prepare."

Brian Melanson

College: University of Maryland

Major: Engineering

"I love problem solving and so Engineering just felt like the right fit for me. At St. Joes, I was able to take AP Physics, Calculus, and US Government, and I feel like the courseload and the teachers have really prepared me for the next level."

Carson Rodriguez '21

College: Lehigh University

Major: Civil Engineering & Environmental Studies

"The problem-solving skills that I've learned at SJ - especially in Physics and Calculus - make me confident that I will be prepared for the coursework ahead of me."

Grace Cottle '21

College: Coastal Carolina University

Major: Engineering

Aspiration: Architectural Engineer

"St. Joes absolutely prepares us for college by treating us like we're already there - with challenging exams and coursework that is college level."

Stefano Cono '22

College: Rochester Institute of Technology

Major: Video Game Design

"My advice to new freshmen would be to join clubs and get to know new people."

Meet Our Technology & Innovation Faculty

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