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World Language

How would you like to preside over a mock wedding held entirely in Spanish? Are you ready to virtually visiting Paris or Tokyo to order a cup of coffee or a Bento Box? Would you like to join us for a celebration of the Lunar New Year lead by our International Students from China?




The World Languages Department educates our students through the teaching of language, grammar, and culture. All students learn through an immersive curriculum that includes interpretive, presentational, and interpersonal modes of communication. In addition, there is an emphasis is placed on cultural themes, topics, and issues of target language countries as we encourage students to look beyond their own community and embrace respect, empathy, and diversity in a multicultural society.

China Trip

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"Taking Mandarin prepared me for the Immersion trip to China. In only 1.5 years, I can already converse with someone who solely speaks Mandarin, which I accomplished while in China!"Rosie '21

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