Innovative Programs

St Joseph High School was founded over 50 years ago, but our curriculum is constantly looking to the future. Our programs are grounded in the desire to push the boundaries of traditional education in a way that prepares our students for tomorrow.

1:1 iPad Program

St Joseph High School requires the Apple iPad for all students. The iPad creates an information rich learning environment where individual achievement and collaborative projects become the standard. Each student is required to have their iPad at school every day, fully charged.

Additional Notes:

  • All students are responsible for having an iPad. Families must purchase their own device. The recommended iPad is 32GB WiFi. Any model is acceptable.
  • Students should NOT have 4G capability in school. Note: If a student's iPad, smart phone, or any computing device has 4G capability, SJHS cannot filter online activity on campus.
  • You can purchase your iPad from any Apple reseller (e.g., Amazon; Best Buy), or a local Apple Store, or the online Apple Store.
  • It is the student's responsibility to care and maintain the device. St Joseph High School is not responsible for the care, replacement and/or repair of the iPad under any circumstances.
  • We strongly suggest the purchase of a good case to protect the iPad from accidental damage and the AppleCare program.
  • The iPad is the property of the student/ family. St Joseph High School is not responsible for stolen, lost or broken iPads. Parents may want to purchase insurance or AppleCare to cover accidental damage. Students should label the back of their iPads with their contact information.
  • Teachers will determine the educational apps that will be utilized in their classrooms. 
  • St Joseph High School employs several safeguards to ensure the student’s safety while on the school’s network. However, the school is not responsible for a student’s use and abuse of the Internet.

iPad Apps to Download:

1. Create an iTunes Account

2.  Meraki MDM (needed on iPad to access school Wi-Fi)

  • Using your home Wi-Fi, click on and follow steps to put the profile on your iPad before school begins. must be done from your home Wi-Fi.  

3.  eBackpack

  • Students cannot create an account or login to eBackpack until school begins and classes are downloaded by Registrar. 
  • eBackpack can be accessed from the website (log in and change password) or on the iPad app.
  • Download the App on your iPad (you are urged to use SJ google email address)
  • Login: for all students entering SJ this year:
    • username is your [first name][last name][year of graduation]. Example: kevinsmith2020
    • password is "stjoes" until you change. 

4.  Find my iPhone

  • All iPads must have this app downloaded in the event you misplace your device on campus.

5.  School Google Account

  • Visit At the top right corner, click on "sign in".
  • Login using your SJ google docs account which is: 
    • [first name][last name][year of graduation]
    • example:
    • password for incoming freshmen is "stjoes". Please create a new password after your first login. 

6.  Plus Portals

  • PlusPortals is a web-based application integrated with the SJHS student information system.  It provides access to student class pages where you will be able to see grades, progress reports, schedules, attendance and discipline records along with teacher contact information.  It also makes available school-wide information such as event dates and school announcements.  
  • Your username is your google docs school email address:
  • You will be receiving an email to this address with a link to activate your PlusPortal account.

Virtual High School (VHS)

Education extends beyond the four walls of a school building. St Joes offers over one hundred online courses, in collaboration with Massachusetts-based company, Virtual High School.

With an extensive list of classes, students are able to pursue yearlong or half year courses, taught by certified teachers in accredited schools around the world.

VHS is available for all students who are independent and self-motivated. Click here to learn more.

Academic Support

Whether you are trying to enhance your acceptability, qualify for scholarships, or improve your standing in select programs, a strong performance on standardized testing can make the difference. Learning strategies and honing those skills that tests like the SAT, the ACT and high school entrance exams focus on is the best way to prepare. Learn More!

Summer Programs

Our on-campus summer experiences are designed to maintain academic proficiency over the summer break, equip the new student with essential high school skills, and prepare advanced students for individual success. Learn More!

Aeronautical Engineering Course

Working with the group, Milestone C, the Aeronautical Engineering course will encourage students to build confidence while building drones! The unique, hands-on course will introduce STEM education, experiential learning, and student engagement designed to empower and motivate all students. Learn More!

Francis Xavier Immersion Trips

Far from just a “travel” program, the goal of the St Joseph High School Francis Xavier International Scholars Program is to broaden student awareness of the global mission of the Church, while also helping them traverse, with confidence, the distances between culture, economics, religion, and geography. Students pursuing this certificate program will be involved in intensive world language study, take three credits of course work directly related to cross-cultural understanding and global perspectives, and participate in two or more SJHS domestic or international immersion trips. Once they fulfill these requirements, students will graduate with distinction as “Francis Xavier International Scholars.” Learn More!

Click the image below to view our 2019-'20 Program of Studies!
Program of Studies - 2019-20