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Built in 2012, St. Joseph High School's Media Center and Library is one extraordinary element of the Robert & Maureen O'Keefe Academic Center. The Media Center is a pivotal part of our school culture and community - a place where our students can receive the resources and skills needed to grow and develop as academicians. 

Students come to the library to study, learn, and have a quiet place in which to work from 7:00am-5:15pm daily. Faculty and staff are available to assist with research or suggesting titles and online research resources. The Library & Media Center bears a striking resemblance to any university library where collaboration, innovation, and engaged learning takes center stage.

Beginning in Fall 2021, the Media Center also became home to our Student Academic Center.

Beyond the Building

The Robert & Maureen O'Keefe Academic Center officially opened its doors in December 2012. Hailed as "an academic center to suit the dynamic and changing needs of education in the 21st century', the $4.5 million center added 20,000 square feet of classrooms, studios, seminar rooms, conference rooms, auditorium, and a large open media center to St. Joseph High School's footprint. It has changed forever the face of our school. 

With the Media Center upstairs, the downstairs was dedicated to the arts -- including a pottery club and kiln room (which are constantly busy with the artistic endeavors of students and staff alike) -- and on any given the day, the tropical sound of steel drums echo down the hall.

The Cup of Joe Cafe opened its doors in 2020 and the Marian Courtyard bursts to life each Spring, providing another space for reflection. 


Mission Statement

The O'Keefe Media Center provides the resources and skills to support the academic success of all Cadets  - through Student Academic Center workshops, individual tutoring, and a quiet place or collaborative to study. 

O'Keefe Media


O'Keefe Media Center
A Study Space & Resources for Student Success.