Programs of Study

Course scheduling at St Joes is individualized and dynamic. Your student's curriculum will be challenging and appropriate to his or her learning needs. Our academic placements are tailored to each student's strengths. Students may progress through our curriculum as his or her mastery dictates allowing students to diversify their course levels.

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Academic Levels

A brief explanation of our academic level rating system follows. Please note, students schedules are dynamic and may include varying levels of courses.

College Level

The St Joseph High School University Collaborative Program offers college credit for those students who successfully complete college level courses and earn a minimum grade of 85. A minimum GPA of 85 is required to enroll in these courses. Courses are taught on campus are are offered through Sacred Heart University, University of Connecticut and University of Iowa. Courses may cost an additional fee (not covered by tuition). 

Advanced Placement

AP courses are college level courses taught according to the recognized Advanced Placement program curriculum. Prerequisites may be required. All students taking AP courses have the option to take the AP exam. There is no additional fee to take the AP course or exam.


Superior quality work, output, and achievement will be required in these competitive courses. Students enrolled in honors level courses should possess exemplary personal responsibility and self-advocacy skills.

College Preparatory

This rigorous sequence of courses are designed to prepare students for college. The majority our SJHS students will take College Preparatory level courses requiring above average quality work, output, and achievement.

Course Catalog

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“We believe a St Joe's graduate will be an excellent civic-minded citizen who will be guided by their strong Catholic faith as they work diligently to be successful in all endeavors.”

– Mrs DiBuono, Principal



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