Graduation Requirements


St Joseph High School is accredited by the New England Association of Schools and Colleges and is proud of its college preparatory academic program. Our intention is that each student will have the chance to develop his or her academic abilities to their fullest potential and will be academically ready to be successful as both a college and lifetime learner. All courses are taught by highly trained and dedicated instructors, many of whom possess advanced degrees.

During the first two years, the program is structured around a required curriculum. The students will choose course electives which are appropriate to their individual skills and needs in their final years. Seniors who have shown outstanding academic talent may select offerings from the College Board Advanced Placement and Sacred Heart University programs. Religion courses are required of all students each year.

  • Religion: 4 credits (1 credit each year)
  • English: 4 credits (1 credit each year)
  • Science: 3 credits 
  • Mathematics: 3 credits (4 credits beginning with the Class of 2016)
  • Social Studies: 3.5 credits (including 1.5 credits of American History). In addition, Civics (.50 credit) is required in senior year.
  • World Language: 2 credits (of same language)
  • Health & Wellness: 1 credit (1/2 credit each of the first two years)
  • Electives: 4.5 credits

One credit earned from the following during the first two years: 

  • Computer 610: .50 credit
  • Art I, Music I, or Theater I: .50 credit
    • [or] Band or Chorus: .50 credit 

Total Credits: 26

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Program of Studies - 2019-20



2018 Curriculum Sequence

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2018 Curriculum Sequence