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St Joseph High School offers courses in collaboration with Virtual High School. Virtual High School is a nonprofit organization based in Maynard, Massachusetts and serves as portal through which schools and teachers throughout the world offer online courses. By working with VHS, we have access to an extensive list of accredited courses. This will allow us to expand our offerings and include courses we could not otherwise make available to our students.

A limited number of students have the option of taking an online course. The number of seats is restricted. Classes may be taken for a 1.0 credit - a yearlong course, or as a half credit - a semester course. Because of limited seating we are offering the VHS option first to seniors and then to juniors. These courses are taught by certified teachers in accredited schools around the world.

Taking a course online is rigorous and best suited for the independent, self-motivated students. Students who are successful at taking online courses must be organized, independent learners, who can advocate for themselves when a problem arises.

The following provides a quick overview of the VHS option:

Eligible Courses: Students may consider courses from the VHS listing that we currently do not offer at St Joe’s and is relevant to a student’s intended major or career path.

Candidates: Students must apply to take a VHS course. The process includes submitting an application, a pre-enrollment questionnaire, his or her Guidance counselor’s recommendation, the subject department chair and teacher recommendations, an interview, and parent consent form. Selection of which students will be awarded a seat will be made by the Assistant Principal for Academic Affairs.

Grading: VHS course grades will be posted on the student’s report card, transcript, factor into the honor roll status and eventual cumulative GPA, as any other course. Courses are designated as standard, honors, and Advanced Placement. Although a passing grade is "60" for VHS courses, a student must earn a "65" comparable to St. Joseph High School, to earn a passing grade and credit or additional quality points.

For complete information about VHS, the online course experience, please refer to the other informational documents in the Edline/VHS folder and visit the VHS website:, contact your child’s guidance counselor or Mr Scott Clough, Assistant Principal for Curriculum & Instruction at 203-378-9378 or

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National Honor Society 2021 (2)

Congratulations to the following Class of 2022 students inducted into the National Honor Society on April 27, 2021 at St Joseph High School.