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Campus is Closed, but Our Cadets Carry On... 

St Joseph High School School's campus closed on Friday, March 13, 2020, and we transitioned to remote learning on Monday, March 16.  We are committed to providing students with the same rigorous education they expect from a college preparatory high school. Faculty have engaged and rehearsed a learning management system that will allow us to continue our students' education during this challenge.  


Remote Learning Photo Highlights!

College Essay Brainstorming

Ms Aldana’s British Literature courses shifted gears this month in order to work on their college essays. Juniors participated in multi-day workshops covering essay prompts; analyzing successful essays; reflecting on their Brigg-Myers results, and creating engaging hooks.

They may not be in the building, but SJ English teachers are helping students navigate through this process with patience, care, and individual support. 

We are absolutely in love with projects created by Ms Richter's Art I students!

The assignment, called the Getty Challenge, had students visit the Virtual Getty Museum website and research a painting. They were then challenged with recreating that painting. 

View additional art recreations in the video section below.

Plot Development Chart

Students in Mrs Sorrentino's english classes are working on Plot Development Charts. The students completed their work on Google Classroom based on four short stories that were analyzed in class. Way to go, Cadets!


Students in Senor Semplice's spanish class were tasked with drawing half male / half female figures and identifying 30 body parts in Spanish. Students also labeled 20 articles of clothing!

Imbimbo Holy Week

Entering into Holy Week, Mr. Imbimbo's Bioethics class (seniors) learned about the spiritual exercise Lectio Divina on Google Meet. Students were taught about the 4 R's of Lectio Divina: Read, Reflect, Respond, and Rest. The class sampled the exercise together, reading the parable of the Good Samaritan. They then broke out into small groups. Each group read a passage from the Gospel of John's account of the Last Supper, discussed it, and then shared their discussion with the whole class. What a beautiful way to celebrate Holy Week while apart from each other.

Mitosis Projects

Mrs Marino's students create models of Mitosis using items they could find around their homes.

Finding the Empirical Formula

Mr McDonagh's students work hard on finding empirical formulas from percents of elements by mass and then comparing the masses to find molecular mass. 

Mr McDonagh used the Explain Everything app, which was so versatile and allowed him to input pictures and teach in real time.

An Interview With Robert Browning

Ms Gallagher's British Literature Juniors "interviewed" Robert Browning after reading some of his disturbing poems. Students asked questions and also pretended to be Browning, making up his answers to their questions.

Here's a screenshot of Nick C., who dressed up for the interview.


Ms Conetta's classes are using Flipgrids to further classroom conversations by assigning questions as homework assignments and then continuing the conversation in class the next day."

In a two week period, Ms Conetta's "engagement meter" claims her classes have created 278 videos, 4,708 views and 3 days &12 hours of activity, the same duration as the Apollo 11 mission  to reach the moon!

Alisha Thresher - Fit for Life

Mrs Thresher takes advantage of SJ's Health & Wellness Center to teach a virtual yoga class to her Fit For Life students.


In Mrs Cadillo's Shakespeare Class, students discuss Othello as a tragic hero with a tragic flaw. View Justin's response in our videos section of this site! 

BC Calculcus - Ms Berry

This is a screen shot of Ms Berry's BC Calculus class learning how to integrate partial fractions. The class is not skipping a beat - they're all going for 5s on the AP!


Senor Semplice's spanish students have been studying verbs, creating slideshows, and worksheets. Some students have also been asked to watch a YouTube movie that was made by Rosie Perez titled "Yo So Boricua, Pa'que Tu Lo Sepas" and will create group projects focusing on the movie. 

Guernica Painting

Students in Senor Semplice's class viewed a movie titled "Gernika - The Story"; a documentary about the bombing of the Basque town in Spain by the Nazis during the Spanish Civil War. This act prompted Picasso to create his masterpiece, Guernica, which condemned the bombing. Students wrote brief summaries of the video and will be working with partners on a project about the war and the painting. 

Algebra 1

Miss Mostowy utilized the split screen on her iPad to screenshare an Algebra 1 lesson with her students. Students were able to watch Miss Mostowy go over their lessons step-by-step.

Oliver Twist

Ms Gallagher's students create video responses as they predict what will happen next in Oliver Twist. Students created an uploaded a video and then responded to their classmates' videos.

Greek Theatre

Ms Cardillo's theatre class use their mask-making skills to create and act out Greek Theatre!

Superhero Friday

Ms Arneson sports her Superhero shirt and encourages all of her math students to do the same!

Women's Literature

Ms Aldana’s Women’s Literature course is currently reading The Interpreter of Maladies by Jhumpa Lahiri. Her seniors were tasked with researching Islam and Hinduism in order to create a comparison chart with a list of reliable sources. They were also required to read the short story, “A Temporary Matter” and annotate their text.

Virtual Mandarin

Mr Delancy teaches Mandarin to his students using videos. Both he and the students record videos of them speaking to share back and forth!


Mr Weiss's Math Class shares a lesson over morning coffee. They even take a minute to share about their furry pets!

Classroom Reflections

In today’s remote learning class, we discussed 1994's Frankenstein movie and how accurate it was to the original text. Consequences are of major importance in the book and the movie as Frankenstein’s mistakes come back to haunt him. His “monster” becomes intelligent and indistinguishable from other people besides his appearance and physical strength. 

Honors English

While video conferencing with groups of Honors sophomores, Mrs Broderick's students all had the same questions about The Catcher in the Rye. So she decided to record a video for them, post it on YouTube and privately shared it with the class. They are currently working on a Stem Project she developed with Milestone C, creating travel blogs for Holden Caulfield in New York.


Dr Walsh's Anatomy students visit the same sites some Registered Nurses use to to learn about the cranial nerves of the brain and their functions. Anatomy is one of our most-loved courses at St Joes!


Life is unpredictable and creatively overcoming obstacles is experiential learning in and of itself. Zoom and Google Hangouts have become a hub for ingenuity and discussion. Students are developing new organizational tools and problem solving to maintain their school community relationships virtually. These skills will serve them well as they transition to college.   - Scott Clough, Asst. Principal for Curriculum & Instruction


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Dr William Fitzgerald, Head of School, and Mrs Nancy DiBuono, Principal, will continue to communicate via email as well as post updates to this page. Also, feel free to consult the following individuals with any questions you may have: 

  • Academics: Scott Clough,  Assistant Principal for Curriculum & Instruction 
  • Athletics: Kevin Butler, Assistant Principal for Athletics
  • Admissions: Alexa Oberle,  Assistant Director for Admissions
  • Guidance: Tim Nash, Director of College & School Counseling






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Cadets Carry On
Cadets Carry On

Our faculty, students and parents have risen to the challenge of an unpredictable event. They’ve not only adapted to a distance learning model, but are thriving within it. Our School’s mission is reflected in the support they offer one another in our virtual learning community every day.

- Nancy DiBuono, Principal




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