From traveling the world to building drones to finding career internships, St Joseph High School's signature programs offer incredible opportunities for those willing to work hard and strive for the best. 

China Trip


Francis Xavier International Scholars Program

China Immersion Trip

Far from just a “travel” program, the St Joseph High School's Immersion Travel Program helps students traverse the distances between culture, economic, religion, and geographical backgrounds while also re-enforcing awareness of the global mission of the Church. Students have traveled nationally and globally. 

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Aeronautical Engineering 

Nancy Science

In partnership with Milestone C,  St Joes is proud to introduce our students to an Aeronautical Engineering Course. The course encourages students to build confidence while building drones! The unique, hands-on program introduces STEM education, experiential learning, and student engagement designed to empower and motivate all students.

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Francis Xavier Lecture Series

Erin McAtee

The Francis Xavier Lecture Series recognizes the importance of being present, openly listening to the stories of others, and learning how to walk in solidarity with our local and global family. These lectures allow our students to strengthen their global awareness through the shared experience of those working on behalf of the marginalized, not only on the front lines of poverty, but also through the academics of teaching others to do the same. 

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Innovation, Design, and Engineering Applications 

Introduced in 2020, all freshman students will take the Innovation, Design, and Engineering Applications Course (IDEA). This course introduces students to technology-centered, hands-on, inquiry-based learning. Through assorted projects, students will gain the software and technical skills necessary for success in high school, college, and beyond.

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Senior Internship Program


The Senior Internship Program is an opportunity for students to enhance their learning by exploring their career interests outside of the traditional classroom.   The goal of the program is for students to gain experience in their desired fields and obtain a favorable referral or recommendation from their site that will assist in procuring future internships. 

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Student Academic Resource Center

The Student Academic Center (SAC) has  become a sanctuary for educational empowerment. Through a variety of workshops, services, academic tutoring, and coaching, the SAC offers students the opportunity to understand themselves and the way they learn. 

All individual sessions, daily group sessions, and workshops reflect the diverse needs of all our students so that they may enter college and life equipped with the skill sets that drive academic promise, creative problem solving, self-advocacy, and confidence. 

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