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Peer Ministry


Peer Ministry is an elective Theology course open to seniors. This course trains students to embrace servant leadership and its application outside of the classroom, beginning with a required summer workshop called the St. Joes Leadership Institute. The course instructs students in effective leadership skills, counseling techniques and scenarios, group dynamics, public speaking, and emphasizes Roman Catholic Social Teaching as a foundation. All lessons directly contribute to the mission of St. Joseph High School.

Topics range from diversity and stereotypes, to perception and behaviors of concern. These skills are used in leading small groups, retreats, workshops, and directed service to their peers.

In addition, Peer Ministers are instrumental in helping to coordinate and lead school retreats for students in grades 9, 10, and 11 as well as Pizza & Prayer sessions bi-weekly.

In conjunction with the Theology department, Peer Ministers take the time to visit the classrooms of our underclassmen to present on topics that are relevant and current to our students' every day lives. 

Retreat Opportunities

Retreats are a wonderful way to exercise mindfulness. Currently, we offer students: 

  • The Freshmen Class Retreat
  • Sophomore Class Retreat
  • Junior Class Retreats
  • Kairos Retreats (offered twice per year)
  • St. Joe's Leadership Institute Retreat (SJLI) - open to all Peer Ministers, National Honor Society Members, Student Council leaders, and Athletic Team Captains.

Pizza & Prayer

"Pizza and Prayer" is run by student leaders. It is a great way to reflect on spirituality and faith in small group discussions. Pray alongside your friends to help nurture your heart and promote a conscious awareness of God's presence.