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There is so much to discover during your high school search, and our team is eager to help! The best way to learn about St Joes is to visit our campus. Be sure to contact our admissions team to learn about personalized tours and Cadet for a Day events. 
St Joes students are unique. They are scholars, athletes, actors, and volunteers. They like to learn, to travel, they love to make music and dance. Every student has different interests, different goals, different lives in and out of the school. But from the moment they walk through the front doors, they have at least one thing in common. They are SJ Cadets. 




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Parent Testimonials

To say that we’ve been happy with our decision to send our son to St Joe’s would be an understatement. We have put our full trust in the SJ institution and it has benefited our family as a whole quite significantly. Chris’ experience could not likely have been duplicated elsewhere. 

The faculty, staff, and culture make SJ a special place. You feel welcomed the minute you walk through the front doors of the school. The teachers are dedicated and genuinely care about their students, often going the extra mile, even if it means staying late to review a lesson. The staff is always available to answer parent or student questions. Everyone at SJ shares a common goal, they want to see you succeed! 

When our son walked through the doors, he knew it was the place for him. People will say you get back what you put into education but what if it went one step further? The learning environment means so much and with St Joes you get a warm supportive family to look out for your child. High school is so much more than learning from a textbook, it is learning to be your best self. St Joes offers an environment to do this. That is why we chose St Joes! My advice to parents would be to make sure your child gets involved in things that interest them and encourage them to not be afraid to try new things. 

Diane Pavese & Vinny Pavese '22

SJ offers a strong academic culture combined with Catholic values. There is truly a feeling of being home when you walk through the doors. The teachers, the counselors are all there to help the students but it's not in the sense of "doing their jobs" - they truly want the best for each and every child. The kids encourage one another whether it is in the class, on the stage or on the field. That's remarkable to see!  And how things were handled during the quarantine spoke volumes to us! These children were still learning and they grew together through that difficult time.

Andrezjewski Family

What I am here to share with you, is that this is a special place.  A place where you join a family whose membership never expires.  This is a community of people that will care for, nurture and remember your children.  This is a place that fills in the missing holes that a regular high school does not provide.  Things like faith, respect, consequence, discipline, kindness, generosity, philanthropy.  While it is a catholic institution, all walks of life are respected and every voice is considered regardless of religion or social philosophy.  Forget everything you think you may know about a catholic private high school because this place does not fit any mold.  


A Bird's Eye View of Our Campus

St Joseph High School is the premier college preparatory school in Southern Connecticut. We provide a learning environment that embraces the gospel values of the Roman Catholic faith and promotes a commitment to family and community. St Joes prepares our young women and men to realize their potential, helps them to excel in higher education, and provides a foundation to guide them throughout their lives.