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Seek out your talents. Strive for greatness. Serve the common good. Thrive with confidence. 

When you choose a St. Joes education, you decide to make the most of your high school years: to try new things; to challenge your skills and expand your thinking; to never settle for the status quo; to devote your time and gifts to helping those in need; and to build an ethical foundation for your future success. 

We’re ready to help you start your St. Joes journey. Contact our admissions team to visit our campus, learn about our personalized tours, or Student Visit Days—and discover why nearly 800 students select St. Joes to launch them from high school to higher education. 

Meet The St. Joes Community

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From the moment we entered St. Joes, we were embraced by a kind, caring environment. It was a place where both the student and the parents immediately felt welcomed and were given a sense of belonging.  Pam DeAngelo, P'21, '22

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The Value Of A Co-Ed Education

St. Joseph High School believes in the many social and academic benefits of a mixed-gender education. A co-ed environment promotes healthy student relationships, fosters effective learning, and reflects 21st century realities. As we look to the world we're preparing our students to enter, their success will be dependent on how they work, interact, and collaborate with diverse groups of people. 

According to Janet Hyde, a professor of psychology at the University of Wisconsin–Madison, which conducted one of the largest studies on co-ed versus single sex education found that, "there is a mountain of research in social psychology showing that segregation by race or gender feeds stereotypes, and that’s not what we want."

Of the 5,300+ colleges in the United States, only 33 are single-sex, and of those, only three are for menTeaching our young men and women how to learn and work together allows our students to see beyond stereotypes and develop respect for views that are different from their own. At St. Joseph High School, students benefit from a safe environment in which they are able to learn from people who are different from themselves. As they mature, they appreciate other perspectives, approaches, and responses. 

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Investing in a St. Joes Education

As the largest co-ed, Catholic high school in Connecticut, St. Joes offers students in grades 9-12 unrivaled opportunities to grow and thrive as they prepare to meet the challenges of the collegiate world and beyond.

When you invest in a St. Joes education, you are helping your child make the most of their high school experience, instilling within them the critical skills, ethics, initiative, and altruism that will shape their personal growth and expand their future opportunities. St. Joes tuition is inclusive and transparent, and we proudly assist families by distributing more than $1.8 million in financial aid and scholarship awards each year.

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Your Home Away from Home: The St. Joe's Campus

The St. Joseph High School Campus has been strategically designed to allow students the flexibility to utilize differentiated learning spaces while ensuring the safety of all.  Our campus fosters creativity – pairing collegiate-quality facilities and cutting edge technologies to elevate your learning experience.  More importantly, in these halls you will develop life-long friends, define your personal mission and build the confidence to excel long after you graduate.


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Frequently Asked Questions

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