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Class of 2026 Journey




Why St. Joes?

Kiera Donegan '24 Smiling


St. Joes is a family – here to guide, direct and help you. Every time I walk through the doors I smile because I have been accepted to be a part of this large, loving family.

Justin Ruby '24 Yearbook Photo


St. Joes isn't like all of the other local schools I visited in 8th grade. On campus you can feel the school spirit traveling through the hallways. The students are happy to be at school. I knew it was the place for me.

Katie McCarthy '23 Smiles with friends


I chose St. Joe’s because not only does it offer an academic program to completely prepare you for college, St. Joseph offers a wonderful community to aid in character development.

Jake Pacacha '23 Yearbook Photo


I chose to attend St. Joes because this is the absolute best place to grow as a student athlete. You can challenge yourself in the classroom and on the field for the best college placement in the future.

Sofia Papanikolaou '22 with a friend


I chose St. Joes because of the vibrant and involved community it offers. As evident in the emphasis on community service, athletics, and interactive clubs, St. Joes is a school that fosters an environment for students to grow both as individuals and as a family.

Joseph Iazzetta '24 with soccer ball


I chose St. Joes because of the number of activities and sports I could join. My freshman year, I tried everything I possibly could! I played soccer and ran track while also participating in the Student Ambassador program. My favorite moment at St. Joes (so far) was being a part of the Varsity soccer team and making it to the playoffs.

Kayla Angrand '22 Yearbook Photo


When I came for a visit at St. Joes, I watched how students treated one another and their teachers. The faculty were kind, approachable and welcoming while the students were respectful, dedicated and open. I knew this was a community I wanted to be a part of.

Jason Lambert '24


I chose St Joes because when I shadowed here, I felt welcomed by the staff and the student community. I felt like I belonged before I even started. I was also intrigued by the many different sports and classes offered.  At SJ, I am on the soccer, winter track, and baseball teams. I also am part of Student Ambassadors and the Tri-M honor society.

Devon Cavaliere '22


Besides wanting a co-ed Catholic school, as soon as I walked through the doors on my shadow day, the admissions staff knew my name and who I was. From that day forward, any of the staff I met at SJ knew who I was and remembered. I wasn't just another student that took their class or participated in that club. I knew I wouldn't get that at any other school.

Troy Maxwell '24


I chose St Joe’s because I knew there would be a wide variety of learning experiences and athletic opportunities offered to me. I wasn’t wrong. I currently play football, and am interested in track & field and rugby. My favorite St Joe’s moment(s) so far are my Math class with Mr Gaulin and our Freshman Activity Day.

Danielle Haniph '23 Yearbook Photo


I chose St. Joe's because I fell in love with its community. The teachers, staff, and students create an environment where everyone can thrive socially, intellectually, and spiritually. Everyone wants you to succeed, which makes going to school so much more exciting.

Jonathan Antonacci '23


I chose St. Joes because of the community. Everyone here is just so welcoming and friendly and that makes it easier to try new things or open different doors. Currently, I am part of the frisbee and ping pong clubs, the Cup O’ Joe Cafe, Student Ambassadors, and I do crew for the Drama Club shows (that was a great way for me to bond with and make new friends.

Erin Lovett '24


St. Joe’s was the only school I looked at that had a three points: a warm community, strong academics, and competitive athletics. When I first visited I truly felt the heartwarming and welcoming effects of the SJ community. Then, when looking further into the athletics I felt like I could improve and learn as an athlete in the environment the coaches had made. The academics made me feel comfortable in my future as a student and ultimately SJ just felt like the right place from the very beginning.

Vincent Pavese '22


I chose to come to St. Joes because the combination of opportunities is so unique! I get to challenge myself academically, learn to speak Mandarin, volunteer with my friends and win a State Championship in Golf.




Ready to become a Cadet? Enroll today!


Please note: The enrollment deadline has been extended (from February 3) to February 11, 2022 in recognition of the Accepted Student Night event reschedule. 




Cadet to the Core

Anthony Fiatarone '22 sits on grass with students


To be a Cadet means to love and care for each other’s success. At SJ we respect and motivate each other to succeed and do well. We push ourselves to become better individuals each and everyday with the help of those around us.

Devon Cavaliere '22 sits a computer with friends


When you become a Cadet it means you are respectful, hard-working, and in service to others. It also means you are a part of the SJ family and will continue to be a part of it even after you graduate.

Matt Debes '23


When you become a Cadet it means that you represent your school by being the best version of yourself. Being the best version of yourself can mean that you’re an athlete, you have artistic talent or you’re an excellent student – as long as you’re trying and true to yourself, you are a Cadet.

Kathleen Dineen '23 sits at a desk, smiling


To be a Cadet means to support your fellow cadets in a journey to improve yourselves, the school, and the world.

Sean Curley '23 Yearbook Photo


When you choose to attend St. Joes, it means that you are choosing to be part of something bigger than yourself. You’re not only attending school to help yourself. You’re also here to help the past, present, and future members of our community and they will support you in return!

Grace Montelli '24 Yearbook Photo
In my eyes, being a “Cadet” means being part of a big family, where you put the members of the family before yourself. Though I am only a sophomore, the family environment has encouraged me more and more to serve others and develop a strong moral foundation.
Sam Kimmel '24


Being an SJ Cadet means being surrounded by an amazing community – one where everyone in the school is welcoming and where the teachers are always willing to help you. At St. Joes, there are so many things to do – so be ready, future Cadets, to have good time management skills!

Sofia Papanikolaou '22 smiling with friends


Being a “Cadet” means you are someone who wants to grow with those around you. You’re ready for the challenge of academic rigor and the challenge to find yourself.

Lauren Davis '24


When you become a Cadet, people in your school community actually care about you. They notice when you’re in need, they celebrate with you when you achieve success.

Ryan Blake '24


As cliche as it may sound, Cadets are welcoming, open and ready to try new things. As a Cadet, we know that the more you do and the more involved you are, the more friends you’ll make and the richer your high school experience will be.

Teagan Cavaliere '23 Yearbook Photo


Being a Cadet means you are committed to perseverance throughout the various challenges of life. Cadets transform these challenges into opportunities that strengthen faith, enhance education, and foster self-development.




Plan Ahead for Your Tuition Investment





Course Placement


Freshman course placement at St Joseph High School is based on holistic application review (transcripts, exam score, recommendations, etc.).  Dynamic placement is implemented for each student. This means students are placed in college preparatory and honors courses according to their individual qualifications. 

St Joseph High School does not adhere to course "tracks" (i.e. Honors Program, College Prep Program). All students are placed according to their aptitude during their time at St Joes. This course placement process allows students to differentiate their courses according to their future goals while ensuring each student has an equal opportunity for appropriate challenge.  Students are also given the opportunity to change course levels each year with appropriate credentials. 

Freshman students will receive their course draft at May Orientation. 

Click here to review our program of studies.

For specific questions about your student's course placement, contact or 203-378-9378 ext 452.





What's Your Mission for More?


Where you go to high school matters. Make it count at St. Joes - a community filled with opportunity! What will your path look like from here to higher education? How will you make the most of your days? What will you discover about yourself, your passions, your potential? Who will you impact along the way? Click below to learn more about the possibilities that await you on your Mission for More.


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Dates & Events for the Class of 2026


  • March March 23, 2022: New Parent Meeting

  • March 24, 2022: The New Student Website goes live!

  • April 6, 2022: Spring Open House

  • May 18, 2022: New Student & Parent Orientation

  • June 9, 2022: World Language Placement Exam

  • June 11, 2022: World Language Placement Exam and Uniform Swap event

  • July—August: Summer courses, camps and athletic conditioning for new students (Course dates available in March, registration opens in April)

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