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A St Joseph High School education is an incredible investment in your student's future. We are not a high school; we are a college preparatory school. We are focused on the future, emphasizing 21st century skills. Our curriculum is project based, our research-oriented facilities are tied to the world coming at us, our technology is integrated throughout the school. We do not ask the elementary school how far did you get. We ask the college admissions office what do you need, and commit ourselves to getting you to that level.

This is a special place.  A place where you join a family whose membership never expires.  This is a community of people that will care for, nurture and remember your children.  This is a place that fills in the missing holes that a regular high school does not provide.  Things like faith, respect, consequence, discipline, kindness, generosity, philanthropy.

~ Cindy Andrezjewski P '17, '18, '20


2021-2022 Tuition: $17,100

  • Tuition is inclusive of textbooks, participation fees for activities, and all sports (except an ice hockey rink fee).
  • All students are required to "Bring Their Own Device" (if not already owned). Click here to learn about device specifications.
  • All students must purchase a uniform (donated uniforms available in August 2020)
  • Bus transportation is available at an additional fee and is optional
  • Seniors are required to pay a $225 graduation fee

St Joseph High School proudly assists our families by distributing over $1.5 million in financial aid and scholarship awards each year. Students are eligible for Scholarships (merit-based) and Financial Aid (need-based) upon the completion of the necessary procedures. See below for further information.


2020-2021 Tuition Payment Options

A personalized tuition agreement will arrive via mail. Your agreement will reflect any credits, financial aid or scholarship awards that may apply to your student. You will have the option to select payment options including: one time payment, by semester or monthly payment via Union Savings Bank Loan (click below for SJHS pre-approved application for all families).  Tuition agreements are due by May 15, the first tuition payment is due June 1, 2020.

Union Savings Bank Loan Information________________________________________________________________________________________


Financial Aid Application Process for New Students

Application Opens: October 1, 2020. Applications Due: November 17, 2020.

Financial Aid Application Process for Returning Students

Application Opens: January 2, 2021. Applications Due: March 1, 2021.

Help & Support

  • FACTS Customer Service can be reached via phone: 866.441.4637
  • Joanne Rodgerson, School Bursar can be contacted via phone 203.378.9378 ext 310 or via email
Andrezjewski Family

I never seriously considered sending my children to a private high school.  I could not justify the added expense. [However] this is a community of people that will care for, nurture, and remember your children.  This is a place that fills in the missing holes that a regular high school does not provide... Forget everything you think you may know about a catholic private high school because this place does not fit any mold.
                                    Read more from Cindy Andrezjewski's speech at Accepted Students Night 2019!

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