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St Joseph High School Virtual Open House is unlike any other!

With formal video presentations and recorded student panel interviews you will have many venues to explore the St Joes difference. The itinerary will help guide you through every aspect of the student experience through community videos. We hope you’ll enjoy learning more about our community from the comfort of your home! 



Welcome to St Joes! 

A Message from Jessica Costa, Director of Enrollment & Marketing and a prayer from our Episcopal Chaplain, Father Silva. 



A College Preparatory Curriculum

A Message from Mrs Nancy DiBuono, Principal.

Curriculum & Innovation


Where You Go To High School Matters 

A Message from Dr William Fitzgerald, Head of School

Fast Facts 2019


Intellect, Inspiration, Identity, and Integrity: Academic Presentations

The St Joes Curriculum is rigorous and prepares students to meet the challenges of the collegiate world. We offer a variety of electives designated to encourage students to develop their passions and challenge their minds. We foster a love for learning in our students, so that they can become articulate and collaborating young adults who can think critically as members of our ever changing world.


A Network of Support: Ensuring Your Student's Success


It is our belief that learning is a collaboration between parents, students, teachers, counselors, and administrators. Each has a part to play in a student's success. As our students mature, it is expected that they will take responsibility for their learning. In the end, if a student is to succeed in college, the student must be responsible and accountable for his or her education.


Growing Greater, Together: Community Presentations

When a student first walks through the doors at St Joes, they are supported, embraced, and encouraged all four years. Whether that be through extra academic support, joining one of our many clubs, or traveling the globe on an Immersion Trip, there are endless ways for our Cadets to be a a part of our SJ Community.




A Tradition of Excellence: Athletics Presentations

Athletic involvement presents to students unique opportunities: to build community, character, integrity, discipline, and sportsmanship. Participating in athletic programs offers our students the opportunity to develop physical and athletic skills to compete in interscholastic sports and to participate in the tradition of athletic excellence at St Joseph High School--as well as to represent our entire school community. 


Together for Others: Community Service & Spirituality

St Joseph High School students are made more aware of the needs of others and of our shared responsibility to help those in need. Our students develop a life-long love of serving those in need and giving generously of their time and unique gifts. We take our motto of “Privilege and Responsibility” very seriously, and we strive to build a culture of service where helping those in need is more of a joy than a requirement. 



THANK YOU for joining us! Closing Remarks from Mrs Costa



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