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St. Joes students come to our campus by car, bus, and train.

With enrolled students from more than 36 towns throughout Fairfield and New Haven counties, we are proud to boast a student body that brings a diverse array of backgrounds and experiences! We are excited to offer bus transportation for towns surrounding St. Joes. 

School Building Hours

The academic school day begins promptly at 7:55am and ends at 2:15pm. However, the Security Staff opens our doors at 7:00am. Students who choose to be dropped off early are welcome to study in our Media Center, staffed with faculty moderators. The SJ Security Staff remains at our front doors until 5:15pm each day, which is also the time the Media Center closes. 

Getting to SJ by Car

Driving to St. Joes

Many of our students are dropped off and picked up each day.  Our school building opens at 7:00am with Security and Media Center supervision and remains open with supervision until 5:15pm. St. Joes encourages families to join our private carpool system (read below).

St. Joes Carpool Database

As a resource for our families, St. Joes facilitates the creation of a contact list for those who desire to obtain or offer carpool transportation. 

Parking on Campus

11th and 12th grade students are allowed a parking space on campus for the year. 

Getting to SJ by Train (Fairfield Metro Station)

St. Joes is proud to offer a Fairfield bus stop at the Fairfield Metro train station.  This location best serves all those interested in taking the train from all points along the Metro North New Haven line. The pickup/dropoff times will be coordinated with the train schedule. Students not using the train are also welcome to catch the bus at the Fairfield Metro stop. 

SJ Buses Routes:

St. Joes offers 3 bus routes: Norwalk, Fairfield/Stratford, Newtown/Monroe. Stops, pick-up and drop-off times will be modified to accommodate traffic conditions and demand. Transportation will be available each morning with a return bus service leaving SJHS at 3:15pm. Please note: St. Joes bus route availability is contingent on the amount of registrations by families for the start of the school year.


Required. A $600 Fee is payable in advance per semester, and is separate from tuition. Note: Students who choose to take the train to the Fairfield Metro stop will have the price of their train ticket deducted from their bus fee.

After-School Option

Late bus service leaves St. Joes at 5:15pm for Fairfield Metro North train station and Stratford Train Station.  The O'Keefe Media Center will remain open for students until 5:15pm.

Trumbull Buses (for Trumbull residents only) 

Bus Routes:

Each year, St. Joseph High School provides a list of enrolled Trumbull students to the town at which point bus routes are developed to best serve these students. To check for your bus stop, please visit Trumbull Bus Transportation.

Trumbull buses are free of charge for Trumbull residents. Trumbull buses leave SJ at 2:25pm. 

Bus Routes


Getting to SJ is

Easier Than You Think