Meet Our Student Ambassadors

When you visit St Joes for an event, the SJ Student Ambassadors will greet you at the door!  Ambassadors serve as representatives during middle school visits, high school nights, and school events. With a wide range of interests, extracurriculars, and talents, our Students Ambassadors are happy to share their authentic and persnal experiences at St Joes with prospective families. 

Click the button below each student's image to view their profile! 

Joseph Iazzetta

Isabella Jakab

Grace Montelli



Rosanna Alibrandi

Angelia Dessureau OHara

Lauren Brown



Aaliyah Gonzalez '22

Isabella Pereira '21

Jason Lambert '24



Erin Lovett '24

Troy Maxwell '24

Lauren Davis '24



Sam Kimmel

Jillian Guilfoyle '24(2)

Isabel De Arrese Martin '24



Megan Frattaroli

Danielle Haniph

Anthony Fiatarone



Student Ambassadors - Jonathan

Max Kimmel

Student Ambassadors - Morgan



Brooke Pallarino