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Not Every Donation is Monetary.

The ultimate goal of the Office of Advancement is to engage and support our community and provide a meaningful vision for our school: volunteerism and service plays a vital role! 

St Joseph High School events are primarily volunteer-driven. Volunteers can work on various committees, each headed by a chairperson(s), and are responsible for a part of the overall effort. Volunteers make up the body of each committee, lending their time and talents. As in the case of the Maroon & Gold Gala, soliciting or picking up auction donations, writing for the program and auction book, creating decorations, making calls, and event set-up/clean-up are just some of the areas where volunteer help is vital.

Everyone is welcome to volunteer.

  • Volunteers form a special camaraderie that is priceless:
  • Parents get to meet Alumni who get to meet our Students.
  • Parents who only attended their children’s activities end up with a school activity all their own.
  • Parents whose children have already graduated are able to remain connected to St Joes.
  • Alums help students have the same incomparable experience they had.

The work is fun, the rewards are many. 

Attend an Event!

From wine-tasting to golf tournaments to reunions, St Joseph High School takes great pride in our annual events. Meant to bring together the entire SJ Community (parents, alumni, and friends), we hope you will join us for many of the events throughout the year and for years to come! 

Learn More about our events here. 


St Joseph High School is deeply grateful to our families, friends, and our many benefactors. Our academic success is directly tied to the generous support and constant encouragement of all who believe in the mission. Annual contributions currently account for 15% of the school's budget.

We understand that there are as many ways of giving back as there are alumni and so we offer you a variety of ways of renewing your commitment.

Donate Today - Your Way!

Make a Gift Online

The easiest and increasingly popular way to make a gift to the St Joseph Fund!

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Employer Matching Gifts

Many companies recognize the value of educational excellence, and have agreed to multiply donations made to the school by their employees. With matching gifts you can sometimes double or even triple your gift!

To find out if your company has a matching gift policy, please enter your employer´s name below:


If your company matches, you may be able to access the forms directly through the search. Follow the set procedure, and St Joseph High School will be happy to assist. Some companies even match gifts made by retirees and/or spouses!

By Mail

Checks may be made payable to: St Joseph High School and sent to:

Office of Advancement
St Joseph High School
2320 Huntington Turnpike
Trumbull, Connecticut 06611

By Phone

Feel free to call Sasha Davila Russell '01, Assistant Director of Advancement & Alumni Affairs at (203) 378-9378 x325, and you will be personally assisted.

Gifts of Stock and Bonds

A gift of appreciated securities, with publicly traded stock or from a private company, may provide greater tax advantages than gifts of cash. The donor can deduct the current fair-market value as a charitable gift, and completely avoid capital gains tax on the appreciation.

Stock transfer information:
Account Name: St Joseph High School
DTC Number: 8862
Account Number: 5F3-99F94
Broker: Merrill Lynch Edge Account 
Transfer Department
Roland Wauthier ’90, 203.254.6962

Corporations and Foundations

The Office of Advancement is responsible for working with corporate and foundation donors to achieve the strategic goals of the High School.

Specific objectives include:

  • Link foundation and business objectives with the school's mission
  • Engage key alumni volunteers, parents, and friends in building new relationships between commerce and education
  • Research and identify opportunities for collaboration
  • If you believe that your company may present a partnership opportunity, or if you are interested in learning more about partnership opportunities, please contact Sasha Davila Russell '01, Assistant Director of Advancement & Alumni Affairs at (203) 378-9378 x325, or via e-mail at

Endowed Gifts

The St Joseph High School Endowment Fund is a collection of funds (unrestricted and restricted) that supports students, faculty, staff and programs. Endowment growth is crucial to the success of the school as it helps maintain reasonable tuition levels while continuing to provide excellent programs and exceptional faculty and staff. St Joseph High School’s goal of raising $10 million for its Endowment Fund can be a reality with your support.

Named Endowment Fund Guidelines
While all gifts to the St Joseph High School Endowment Fund are important and appreciated, a Named Endowment Fund is one that receives special recognition because of its significant level of support. Special recognition and stewardship are provided via the following:

  • Annual Public Listing
  • Regular Communications
  • Use of Name in Public Forums
  • Financial reports
  • Benefit reports (award/scholarship recipient, etc.)
  • Print
  • Announcements
  • Presentations

In general, the minimum level of support that earns special recognition as a Named Endowment Fund is $50,000, payable outright or over a period of years. Other levels include $1,000,000, $500,000, $250,000, and $100,000. 

For more information on Endowed Gifts, please contact Sasha Davila Russell '01, Assistant Director of Advancement & Alumni Affairs at (203) 378-9378 x325, or via e-mail at

Planned Giving: The St Joseph Society

The Mutual Benefit of Thoughtful Planning

Hundreds of alumni have chosen to expand their support of St Joseph High School through gifts that address their needs or the needs of loved ones as well as St Joe’s. The thoughtful consideration of these interests creates very satisfying results. We refer to it as “planned giving” because of this careful process although, by any other name, it’s the mutual benefits that matter most.

Please consider us a partner in your exploration of giving to St Joseph High School. Also, when you are working with a professional advisor remember that we offer specialized documents, resources and, most importantly, knowledge about the school that will ensure that your wishes will be implemented as you intend.

Where to Begin?

Good decisions require good information. As a way to get started, you might begin with the following topics:

  • You can make a gift that costs nothing during your lifetime.
  • You can give stock and realize larger tax savings.
  • You can get a monthly paycheck for life in return for your gift.
  • You can donate your house, continue to live there, and get a tax break all at the same time.


Still Unsure Where to Begin?

Feel free to call Sasha Davila Russell '01, Assistant Director of Advancement & Alumni Affairs at (203) 378-9378 x325, or via e-mail at

Established Scholarships

To qualify for a need based scholarship a student must have completed a financial aid form for the current year. All recipients must have written and sent a thank you for any award received the prior year to be eligible to receive an award for the current year. Status letters are sent out at the end of each fiscal year by the President notifying the donor (or person being honored) of the corpus amount, spend rate and scholarship recipient. Generally, the Scholarship committee continues need based awards year to year until the student graduates, provided the student is in good standing, but this is not a requirement, and the award should be reviewed if the family has an increase in financial status.

Donations can be made to any existing scholarships. Endowed scholarships can be established by following the guidelines established by the Advancement Office and approved by the Board of Directors. Details can be provided from the Advancement Office. All donation checks are to be made out to St Joseph High School, and please note the scholarship name in the memo field. In working with donors, the Advancement Office always encourages ways to help students attending St Joseph High School as its first priority.

Scholarships include:

The William H. Pitt Memorial Scholarship

Eileen Hickey ’91 Memorial Scholarship

Walter A. & Ethel C. Bishop Memorial Scholarship

Bishop Lori ‘In Caritate Servire’ Scholarship

Joan M. Caliendo Scholarship

The McGettigan Family Scholarship

Thomas J. Roach Scholarship

Norman P. DeTullio Scholarship

Michael E. Thomas Jr. Memorial Scholarship

Herbert J. Bundock Memorial Scholarship

Loretta E. Martone Memorial Scholarship

Gerald & Ellen Bourdeau Memorial Scholarship

Ernest W. Kaulbach & Agnes W. Kaulbach Scholarship

William Robert & Helen Cecilia Carapezzi Scholarship

Sr. Catherine Fanning Scholarship

Julia Fry, R.N. Memorial Scholarship

John Ondecko Memorial Scholarship

Vito & Dolores Montelli Scholarship

Thomas P. Dalling ’89 Memorial Scholarship

Monsignor Richard J Shea Scholarship

James & Catherine Pezzullo Memorial Scholarship

John Craw ’69 Scholarship

The Inner-City Foundation for Charity & Education

Wendy Petruccelli & Sons (Corey ’04 & Taylor ’07) Endowed Scholarship

Bernard Helfrich Memorial Endowed Scholarship

Meri-Lyn Raw ’06 Memorial Endowed Scholarship

Reunion and Memorial Gifts

Many classes set special St Joseph Fund goals in honor of their reunion.

St Joseph High School receives many gifts in memory of classmates, parents and friends. When a memorial gift is received, we notify the honoree’s next of kin. Memorial funds that are capital or endowed funds cannot be credited to annual support.

For more information on Memorial fund options contact Sasha Davila Russell '01, Assistant Director of Advancement & Alumni Affairs at (203) 378-9378 x325, or via e-mail at


You can make a pledge to The St Joseph Fund by contacting Sasha Davila Russell '01, Assistant Director of Advancement & Alumni Affairs at (203) 378-9378 x325, or via e-mail at

St Joseph High School’s calendar year ends June 30, so all pledges must be received then for it to be credited within that year.

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Thank you for your interest in giving back to St Joseph High School through your time, talent or treasure!

The role of the Advancement Team is to effectively advance the mission of the school through planned and purposeful fundraising, responsible stewardship, and comprehensive communication. Through our various programs, giving opportunities, and special events, we invite all supporters to participate in the legacy of St Joseph High for our students today and for generations to come.

Building a lifelong community is imperative to support our mission. We are pleased to have the strong and immediate support from our board of directors, alumni, current parents, alumni parents, and friends. Thank you for your consideration of St Joseph High School. We look forward to seeing you in the halls or on the fields!


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