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Health & Wellness

At St. Joseph High School, we believe in educating the whole student - spiritually, academically, and physically.

Health & Wellness offers physical activities that emphasize cardiovascular endurance, muscular strength, flexibility and agility and that students can participate in for a lifetime of health and wellness.

Teamwork, positive attitude, good sportsmanship and interactions with classmates are emphasized. The Health and Wellness curriculum encompasses topics such as cardio and weight training, basic human anatomy and musculature, nutrition and healthy eating habits, weight management, and program design and development.

All classes will have practical applications through sporting and exercise activities including volleyball, basketball, soccer, track and field, yoga, cycling, etc. with full access to the St Joe’s gymnasium, athletic fields and the new Health and Wellness Center.

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What Does Fitness for Life Mean?

In 2018, St. Joseph High School officially opened our 4,500 square foot fitness center. In addition to offering students a great place to exercise during their study hall periods, the Center soon became a place where students could simply be themselves - feeling comfortable and safe as they aimed toward a lifetime goal of fitness and well-being - whether they are athletes or not. 

The Health & Wellness Center is a place where students strive to incoporate the spirit, mind, and body into one entity. Here, students learn how to safely navigate a fitness center, create a basic fitness routine for themselves, and learn how proper nutrition can drastically change their lives. We strive to ensure that all students understand the incredible feats their bodies are capable of accomplishing. 

In addition, a new course, “Fitness for Life”, was offered to freshman students beginning in 2019. The class introduces students to basic movement patterns and sports. In addition, sophomores have the option to take the “Intro to Health and Wellness” elective as a half semester course, which dives further into strength and conditioning, program design, nutrition and overall health. 


Partnership with KMK Fit Training

Beginning, January 16, 2023, St. Joseph High School will partner with KMK Fit Training, LLC to provide strength and conditioning training for all of our student-athletes.

KMK Fit Training is one of Fairfield County’s premier health and performance facilities. They will provide collegiate and professional level strength and conditioning services for all 50 of our athletic teams and oversee fitness programming for all students, regardless of athletic commitment.

KMK Fit Training works with many Fairfield County high schools by placing a year-round Head Strength & Conditioning Coach on campus. Beginning January 16, we will welcome Mr. Hunter Fluegel as our new Head Coach (read more about Mr. Fluegel below). In addition, we will welcome a strength and conditioning intern, Justin [last name] from [school] who will work with Mr. Fluegel to assist our athletes and non-athletes on a daily basis.

The KMK Fit Team will also assist St. Joseph High School athletes by creating a team-building app, preparing college athletic profiles, hosting combines, and granting access to their recovery unit in Fairfield for all athletes, which include ice baths, saunas, cupping modules, etc.. For those student-athletes interested in playing at the collegiate level, these resources are invaluable. In 2022, forty SJ athletes signed at the NCAA Division I, II, and III levels.

Health & Wellness Courses

Health & Wellness


Fitness for Life