health & wellness

At St Joseph High School, we believe in educating the whole student - spiritually, academically, and physically.

Our Health & Wellness department offers physical activities that emphasize cardiovascular endurane, muscular strength, flexibility, and agility so that students can participate in a lifetime of health and wellness. 




In January 2018, St Joseph High School officially opened our 4,500 square foot fitness center. In addition to offering students a great place to exercise during their study hall periods, the Center was soon to become a place where students could simply be themselves - feeling comfortable and safe as they aimed toward a lifetime goal of fitness and well-being. 

There is much more to the Center than treadmills and weights. It is a place where students strive to incoporate the spirit, mind, and body into one entity. Our goal is for students to learn how to properly navigate a fitness center, create a basic fitness routine for themselves, and learn how proper nutrition can drastically change their lives. We strive to ensure that all students understand the incredible feats their bodies are capable of accomplishing. 

"We can work out before class and after school. Who would go off to a gym by themselves when we have such a magnificent facility right here? ~ Jon Jazwinksi '21

The Health & Wellness Center also presented us with the perfect opportunity to introduce a “Fitness for Life” program for our students.

“Fitness for Life” is offered to freshman students. The class focuses on safety in and introduces students to basic movement patterns and sports. In addition, sophomores have the option to take the “Intro to Health and Wellness” elective as a half semester course, which dives further into strength and conditioning, program design, nutrition and overall health. 

meet the director

St Joseph High School is proud to offer our students a full-time Director of Health & Wellness. Mrs. Alisha Thresher is here for our students before, during, and after school hours to assist with all of their questions and concerns. Mrs. Thresher teaches our Health & Wellness classes and directs the strength and conditioning sessions of our athletes. 

Mrs Thresher earned her MS in Exercise Science at the California University of Pennsylvania, with a focus on Injury Prevention and Rehabilitation. She also holds a  BS in Athletic Training and Sports Nutrition from Southern Maine University. Her experience ranges from coaching young mothers who want to lose “baby weight” to training soldiers for the Special Forces’ Ranger School to readying units preparing for combat deployments to Iraq and Afghanistan.

Previously, Mrs Thresher served as the Director of Health and Wellness at the Woodruff Family YMCA in Milford, CT. When not teaching or training others, Mrs Thresher plays soccer (Southern Maine Huskies), runs marathons, and has an ironman triathlon to her credit. She has recently graduated to Crossfit competitions and trains with Crossfit Milford.



Fitness For Life