Health & Wellness



In 2018, St Joseph High School officially opened our 4,500 square foot, fitness center. The Health & Wellness Center presented us with the perfect opportunity to introduce a “Fitness for Life” program for our students.

“Fitness for Life” is offered to freshman students. The class focuses on safety in and introduces students to basic movement patterns and sports. In addition, sophomores have the option to take the “Intro to Health and Wellness” elective as a half semester course, which dives further into strength and conditioning, program design, nutrition and overall health. 

The Center is staffed by Alisha Thresher, Director of Health and Wellness, who currently organizes a variety of instructional classes, and accommodates the needs of our forty-seven interscholastic teams. 


We believe in educating the whole student, spiritually, academically and physically. Health & Wellness offers physical activities that emphasize cardiovascular endurance, muscular strength, flexibility and agility and that students can participate in for a lifetime of health and wellness. Teamwork, positive attitude, good sportsmanship and interactions with classmates are emphasized.


Please Note: due to Covid-19, the Health & Wellness Center will not be open to staff or alumni over the summer 2020.
Health & Wellness Center Hours During the School Year:
Monday-Friday 6:30AM-5:30PM 
Health & Wellness Center Hours During the Summer:
Monday-Friday 7AM-2PM



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