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There’s No Place Like Home... A Letter from SJ Cadet, Caitlin Brown ’18

Caitlin Brown '18

For all of us, no matter our year, St Joseph High School has become a home away from home. St Joes has been a place of learning, laughter, and love. When I walked through the front doors freshman year, I had no idea that I would still feel the same excitement and joy walking through those same doors every day for the next four years.

During my time here, SJ has grown tremendously, just like its students. We have been lucky enough to witness great change and expansion to our campus. What was once the old Mary Kenney Library became the Student Commons, where you will always find students hanging out during study or before school. With the use of funds raised by our student-run Walkathon, the Commons was developed even more into a place for all to sit comfortably and either talk with friends, meet with clubs, or get homework done. Then came the creation of a new upper field turf where students, family members, and alumni love to watch football games and other sporting events. It has become a central location for great bonding between generations. And just this year, the new Health & Wellness Center was added, and man, is it great!!

The physical growth at St Joes has been completely intertwined with my own physical, emotional, and educational growth. This has been possible because of the countless opportunities that I have had to jump in and be my best. When I came here, I decided the best way to meet people and to know this community was to get myself involved. I decided to join some clubs that were interesting to me then, and that now mean the world to me. I joined Drama Club, Student Ambassadors, Student Council, helped to found RAAAFT Club (which supports victims of abuse), and volunteered with Special Olympics. I also decided to run Cross Country, and even though I was not the best runner, I had a great coach and some truly amazing friends who helped me grow as a person in life and in the sport. As the years have passed, I have become more confident and acquired true leadership skills that will stay with me for the rest of my life. As a senior, I am now President of Drama and RAAAFT Club, Publicity Secretary for the Student Ambassadors, and President of the Senior Class. I also co-chaired SJ’s Fashion Show, which raised more than $10,000 for our Senior Class Gift. 

St Joseph High School has forever been embedded in my heart, and in my soul, as a place I can call home. I know that in 10, 20, or even 50 years, when I walk through the front doors, I will always be overwhelmed with feelings and memories of love, laughter, learning, and community. 

Just this morning, I had that same thought as I walked through the front doors with both gratitude and joy: I am meant to be here. I am home.

With Thanks,
Caitlin Brown ’18


Meet a Few Members of the Class of 2019!

Sierra Clark '19

College: American International College

Major: Psychology

"My guidance counselor helped me so much in deciding the perfect college for me. What I loved about St Joes is that they take high school seriously -- the teachers really want to help you and see you succeed."

Carmine Russo '19

College: Providence College

Major: Psychology

"St Joes has helped me learn who I am and has taught me the ability to express myself, especially in Creative Writing. I learned how to express what I felt and showcase my ideas and thoughts on paper."

Julia Rosati '19

College: Sacred Heart University

Major: Nursing

"During my senior year, I participated in the Futures Internship Program. I was able to shadow a nurse at Griffin Hospital and it was incredible. I worked in different departments and was able to find where I might want to work one day!"

Debora Yohou '19

College: Wheaton College

Major: Business Management & Fashion Marketing

Aspiration: Producer/Marketer of a NYC Fashion Show

"Going to St Joes actually led me to choose a smaller college -- one where I could get to know the students and teachers one-on-one. While at St Joes, I discovered my love of speaking to people and being a part of a team."

Jailyn McLean '19

College: University of North Carolina

Major: Political Science

"I wouldn't be as great a writer and able to explain myself thoroughly without St Joes. It's made such a positive impact on my mindset and how I view the world."

Kenneth Schneider '19

College: Xavier University

Major: TBD

Aspiration: Politics

"Being a part of the Student Ambassadors program has been an incredible experience. I loved being the first person people met when they came to St Joes; I took pride in making them feel welcome and helping them love the school as much as I do."

Tracey Logan '19

College: IONA College

Major: Social Work

"All of the teachers at St Joes have helped me to push myself and work harder. They taught me to the best version of myself."

Charlie Asetta '19

College: College of the Holy Cross

Major: Psychology & Theatre

Aspiration: School Counselor

"The St Joes difference for me was Peer Ministry. It's a self-evaluation class that led me to find who I am today. It helped me to discover my true gifts and talents."

Dori Grasso '19

College: Manhattanville College

Major: Child Pyschology

Aspiration: School Psychologist

"The essence of friendship and community at St Joes is unlike any other. They've taught us so much about our morals and our own values. I feel so much more well-rounded as a person."

Kayla Michaca '19

College: St. John's University

Major: Criminal Justice

Aspiration: Forensic Scientist

"Being part of the Futures Program gave me a once-in-a-lifetime experience. St Joes has given me a lifetime of moments that I could not have gotten any where else. I've made so many friends that I know I will never forget."

Emily Fodor '19

College: Central CT State University

Major: Political Science

Aspiration: Lawyer

"I chose to attend St Joes because of it's strong Catholic identity. The morals and values of the school are what led me to realize that what I want to do is help people. My goal is to become a lawyer and help people in any way I can." 

Alice Maldon '19

College: Marist College

Major: Undecided

"The SJ guidance counselors are incredible. I struggled with the college process because I had so many options and I became overwhelmed with the decision. My guidance counselor knew me for four years and helped me think about college in ways I hadn’t thought of. I know Marist is the right school for me because my guidance counselor and I did the research, I feel confident and prepared for my next chapter."

Amanda Flynn '19

College: Providence College

Major: Undecided

"I chose to challenge myself with honors and AP courses throughout high school. The faculty at St Joes allowed me to be successful with such a rigorous schedule. They stayed after school with me and provided me the support I needed to balance tough classes and extracurricular leadership opportunities."

Kayla Mackey '19

College: Morgan State University

Major: Marketing

"I plan to study marketing and international business. At St Joes, I was able to meet international students and learn from them about our cultural differences and similarities. It is these friendships, developed in high school that lead me to my future career."

Molly McGuiness '19

College: Sarah Lawrence College

Major: Political Science & Film

"The guidance staff here were incredible. Mrs Baird took the time to get to know me, allow me to take courses of interest, and then help me find my next great fit, which is Sarah Lawrence.

I was also able to take Honors Political Philosophy and Women in Literature courses which allowed me to understand the fundamentals of democracy and find my passion."

Katie McKeon '19

College: High Point University

Major: Marketing
Minor: International Business

"I chose to come to St Joes because I wanted to be surrounded by students and faculty who were all working together toward our college goals. Here at SJ, I felt accepted, loved and supported in the new things I tried and for me that was the most important thing in a high school."

Emmet Matthews '19

College: Xavier University

Major: Acting/Film

"I chose to come to St Joes not knowing that the community would be the factor that lead to my success in high school. I didn’t realize I needed it until I was here and experienced the support and friendship."

Tathiana Cortes '19

College: Southern CT State University (Soccer)

Major: Undecided

"I came to St Joes not knowing anyone. However, I knew I wanted to be part of this community so I had to open myself up to try new things and meet new people. Now I have life-long friends as well as the skills to communicate with people from all different backgrounds. These social and communication skills are important for the rest of my life."

Jimmy Evans '19

College: Tufts University (Baseball)

Major: Economics
Minor: Finance

"One of the best things about St Joes was that I had some of the most rigorous teachers who challenged me, but also cared very much about me as a student. When the academic work was hard, I knew it was because they cared and were preparing me for college."

Growing Greater Together: Community

At St Joes, everyone is leaving their own legacy through the clubs they do to the classes they take. Everyone is their own person that joins together to make this the school it is.”

– Sofia, ‘21

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