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Ever Changing, Ever Growing... A Letter from SJ Cadet, Colby Trembley ’19

Colby Trembly '19

I received my St Joseph High School acceptance letter in December 2015, and I was ready to make St Joes my home. The newly built lobby and courtyard felt  collegiate; and I knew this was the school that would prepare me for college.

Since my freshman year, changes were made to make our school feel more like a college campus; we gained a new Health and Wellness Center, a turf field, classrooms in the convent, and a new boardwalk to name a few.  There are always projects going on, building St Joes into the premier preparatory school it boasts to be. However, the building was not the only thing changing.

My peers and I have grown so much in four short years. From nervous freshmen, believing there was a pool on the “fourth floor”, to upperclassmen, preparing to head off on our journeys into college and “the real world”. I entered St Joseph High School as an insecure freshman, unsure of his role in society. Thanks to the faculty, staff, and administrators, I am ready to major in elementary education. I am fully prepared to go off to college and bring with me the values that St Joes has instilled in me. I now know how to make a change in society as an educator
myself. The skills I have been taught will allow me to flourish when I have a classroom of my own.

As my time at St Joes begins to wind down, I have noticed myself taking more time to appreciate the little things that I love about this school. I will surely miss the laughter in the hallway between classes, the sounds of steel-pan practicing in the auditorium, and the friendly faces smiling at me as I walk through the  cafeteria. Although it will be hard to say goodbye, I know that I will not be away for long.

I cannot wait to come back and visit. I know there will be so many new things to see. Although my fellow seniors are growing and moving on, there is always a new freshman class waiting to call St Joes home and carry on our traditions. We are all ever growing, ever changing, but always St Joes.

With Thanks,
Colby Trembley ’19


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At St Joes, everyone is leaving their own legacy through the clubs they do to the classes they take. Everyone is their own person that joins together to make this the school it is.”

– Sofia, ‘21


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