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Campus Life at St. Joes

You'll feel it as soon as you walk through the doors at St. Joes: a welcome that is freely given. A pride that bonds the community. A belief that strengthens the spirit. A connection that lasts a lifetime.

Here, there are no initiation rites and no unspoken membership rules. When you join the St. Joes family, you are known and admired for who you are, and who you're working to become.

So, what will you achieve on your Mission for More?


"At St. Joes, everyone is building their own legacy through the clubs they participate in, the classes they take and the friendships they grown. Everyone is their own person that joins together to make this the exceptional school it is." - Ava, '22

The best way to learn about campus life at St. Joes?

Come experience it for yourself! From Student Visit Days to Open Houses to personal family tours, we offer plenty of ways to explore St. Joes. We look forward to meeting you!

Campus Life

Students on Lawn 2022