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From Drama Club to Ping Pong Club to Student Ambassadors, at St. Joes, our students find a happy, fun, and safe community where everyone is celebrated and everyone belongs. With over 40 clubs and activities, students are free to explore new passions, develop new skills, or simply be with friends at the end of the school day.

Clubs are run by student leaders with the help of faculty and staff moderators, and represent the wide variety of interests and talents that exist within our school community.

Where will you begin your St. Joes experience?

Irish Club



Amaranth is St. Joe's creative and literary arts journal. At the end of the year, a magazine is created which highlights student, faculty, and staff art, photography, and  creative writing. The magazine is completely student-edited and designed!

Read the 2023 Issue!

Dance Club

Dance Club

One of our newest at St. Joes - just debuting in 2022! Dance Club is a place where students of all levels of dance can come together to learn and share their love for all things dance. Students choreograph their own pieces! 

Drama Club

Spongebob the Musical

100+ students participate in the Drama Club! From performers to tech crew, to stage managers, there's a role for everyone.  Two productions are mounted each season, with a drama/comedy in the fall and a musical in the spring.

Game Development Club

Game Development Club

The Game Development Club gives students the opportunity to see what it's like to create their very own video game! The mission is simple: develop a game, and have fun along the way! Members contribute their own skills in design, art, music, coding, marketing, and more!

Jazz Band

Student Playing Trumpet

Jazz Band is open to all students with a background in instrumental music. This club meets weekly in preparation for the winter and spring Fine Arts Showcases.

Interior Design Club

Interior Design

The interior design club will experiment with creating dream interiors for specific spaces, design models, and learn how to apply color theory and elements of design  during modeling process.

Visual Art & Design

Art Class

An artist's portfolio is an edited collection of their best artwork intended to showcase an artist's style or method of work. The Visual Art & Design Club focuses on developing student portfolios  to illustrate the versatility of each students' talents.


Asian Studies Club

Lunar New Year 2022

The Asian Studies Club strengthens the community by raising awareness of pertinent racial, social, and political issues. We hope to address these issues and cultural diversity between international students and their experience in school. The Asian Studies Club puts community service and international student integration at the forefront.

Black Student Unity Club


The Black Student Unity Club creates a supportive and inclusive community that celebrates the diversity of our student body while empowering, teaching, discussing and exploring the Black experience. The club strives to promote unity and understanding among the SJ community through cultural events, discussion and collaboration that identifies the importance of shared differences and similarities. The Black Student Unity Club is open to all students who share a love and eagerness to learn about Black culture.

French Club

French Club

The French Club promotes the study and understanding of French culture, music, art, and food. French Club activities include: creating french artwork, celebrating french holidays, and discussing french pop culture! 

Irish Club

Irish Club

The Irish Club invites all students to explore and to celebrate the language, recipes, history and culture of Ireland. It focuses on community service projects, educational  field trips, and representing the SJ community in the Bridgeport St. Patrick's Day Parade.

Italian Club


The Italian Club promotes the study and understanding of Italian culture, music, art, and food. Italian Club activities include: visiting centers of Italian culture, attending operas and plays, making trips to museums and restaurants, and playing bocce! 

Multicultural Club

The Multicultural Club’s makes the SJ community aware of interracial, intergenerational, and intersectional overlapping  The  Club is socially-inclusive, with the intent of embracing multiculturalism and diversity, while eliminating racism, prejudice, and intolerance on all levels.

Spanish Club

Italian Class

The Spanish Club celebrates the richness of the Spanish and Latin American cultures. Spanish Club activities include Mardi Gras and Cinco de Mayo Fiestas celebrating the culture and cuisine of the Spanish speaking world, a cultural field trip, and other activities. ¡Ven y celebra con nosotros! Come and celebrate with us!


Film & Literature

SJ Photoshoot

The Film and Literature Club offers students the opportunity to explore pieces of classic and modern literature through film. They are exposed to creating their own movie trailers, short films, and awareness PSAs. Students also recreate classic works and discover new “film making” techniques throughout the year.



The Audio/Visual Arts Club introduces students to the technical and performance aspects of broadcast media through hands-on experience. The club also provides valuable services to the school in the form of sound system operation for school functions and assistance as needed for SJTV - our morning news show!


Yearbook Club

St. Joseph High School's Spectrum continues to be an award-winning premier high school medalist yearbook. The staff (writers, editors, photographers, and business managers) are made up of all students. Learn valuable skills such as digital photography, desktop publishing, copy editing, creative design, and management.


Feelings First (New!)


Where all students are welcome and can learn about ways to promote mental health awareness, with a focus on education, peer support, and advocacy. Our vision is to create a safe space for students to learn strategies for increasing one’s overall well-being as members support each other in their journeys. We will offer tool building lessons on physical movement, art expression, breathwork and meditation. Please note that this club is educational in nature and does not provide counseling services; for counseling support, students should seek out the services of the school counselors and/or the school social worker.

Women's Studies Club

Women's Studies Club

The Women’s Studies Club strives to improve the self-esteem and cultural competency of high school students.  The members accomplish this task through meetings, learning opportunities, activities, projects, and speakers.  The mission of the Women's Studies Club is to foster the interdisciplinary study of women and gender, and provide, through teaching and research, information on the complex ways of knowledge, experience, and social systems.  Members of the club think critically about their own lives and that thinking inspires them to work as active citizens.


Entrepreneurship Club

Entrepreneur Club Workshop 2022

The Entrepreneurship Club explores core principles of creation, innovation, and management in business while fostering a sense of community and responsibility. Activities include brainstorming exercises, interviews with business owners, and an annual SJ Shark Tank event.

Future Business Leaders of America

Recently created in 2022, the Future Business Leaders of America inspires and prepares students to become community-minded business leaders in a global society through relevant career preparation and leadership experiences.

Future Healthcare Professionals

Classroom Photo Science

New in 2022! The Future Healthcare Professionals Club focuses on  developing an understanding of the medical field through guest speakers in the field and activities. The faculty moderators for this club have extensive experience in the medical field. 

Model Congress

Model Congress

Model Congress allows students to take on the role of legislators in congress. During simulations, students write legislation, deliver speeches in support or opposition of presented bills, and vote on legislation as a congressional body.

Stock Market Club

Stock Market Club

Learn for to trade stocks, invest, and how to value a company! This Club is open to all students, regardless of their knowledge of the market. 

Student Ambassadors

Student Ambassadors 2022

Ambassadors serve as representatives to visitors during middle school visits, high school nights, school tours, and admission events. They group is comprised of dedicated, diverse, and outgoing students who seek to share their positive experience at St. Joseph High School with others. 

Student Council

Student Council

Student Council is an organization of students and faculty moderators that work for the general welfare of the school by promoting school morale, spirit and cooperation between the student body, the faculty and administration.

Writing Center

Freshmen Writing

The Writing Resource Center is a student-led learning resource, and study environment for students to obtain and seek help concerning writing expository essays, creative assignments, and research/term papers for their classes.  


Chess Club

Chess Club

Chess Club promotes increased knowledge and understanding of the game of chess as a hobby, an art, and as an intellectual sport. Skill levels range from beginners to advanced, competitive-minded players. The Chess Club is open to any student, regardless of his or her experience or playing ability.

Cup of Joe Cafe

Cafe de Sonrisas

The Cup O’ Joe Café was inspired by the Café de las Sonrisas in Nicaragua, which is run by individuals with disabilities who do not have a social services network to rely on. The café opened in 2018 and all proceeds benefit Café de las Sonrisas. The café is open before after classes for students and staff.

Debate Club

Debate Club

The Debate Team seeks to foster the intellectual and critical thinking skills in each student.  Through weekly meetings and monthly competitions, the team will debate multiple social and political issues from different perspectives, which will acquaint them with the complex world of the 21st century.

Frisbee Club

Fall 2016 Drone Shot

This club mainly focuses on two Frisbee activities in general: Ultimate Frisbee and Disc Golf.  Ultimate Frisbee is an excellent team sport that involves running around, passing and catching the Frisbee to teammates.  Disc Golf is a new popular craze, similar to golf there is a target and players count how many throws (strokes) it takes them to hit the target. 

Guitar Club

The Guitar Club is open to students who play guitar and would like the opportunity to discuss popular music and learn how to play various songs with the input of other club members. This is also an outlet for the sharing of talents and an opportunity for self- expression.

Jeopardy Club

Jeopardy Club

The Jeopardy Club is intended for all students interested in a mental challenge. Questions are designed for high school knowledge and just like the television show, the first one to buzz in will be the first one allowed to respond. There is a student-faculty tournament each year.

Kickboxing Club

Gymnasium 2020

Kickboxing Club improves the strength and flexibility of all muscle groups in the body. It also helps to develop joints and overall skeletal system. Kickboxing involves bouncing, ducking, pivoting, punching, and kicking, it requires repetitive motions of your entire body. Whether you are already a fighter, want to become one, or are just looking to stay in shape this is the place for you.  

Math Team

The math team is open to all students who love math and are interested in challenging their math ability! There will be competitions once a month in Williton.

Philosophy Club


The Philosophy Club is a community of inquiry whose members seek to live up to Socrates’ claim that, “The unexamined life is not worth living.” 

Ping Pong Club

Ping Pong Club

Ping Pong Club creates a fun, friendly, and enjoyable environment that is conducive to learning the way table tennis is played, while fostering the development of its fundamental skills.

E-Sports Gaming Club


In 2022, SJ's E-Sports gaming Club won the State Championship and was ranked 8th in the nation! As a member of the E-Sports Gaming Club, you'll compete alongside your friends and teammates nationwide in the games you choose!


Camp Sunshine

Camp Sunshine Immersion Trip

St. Joseph High School supports Camp Sunshine by volunteering as Counselors during the summer. Camp Sunshine provides respite, support, joy, and hope to children with life-threatening illnesses and their families 

Peer Ministry

Peer Ministry is an integral part of our spiritual life program as we strive to put the Gospel into action in our lives. Peer Ministry seeks to combine what our students study with how they live, helping to form the young person for lifelong discipleship. In the process, students grow stronger in the faith themselves, and powerfully witness to it among their peers.

Letters of Love Club

Letters of Love Club

The Letters with Love Club invites all students to appreciate the art of  letter writing. This is achieved through participation in the Feroleto Center Pen Pal program. Participants  are involved in community service projects and meet with their penpals during the year.

Liturgical Music Ministry

Music Ministry Club

Music Ministry involves those who sing and play an instrument to play at school Masses and other services. All who love music are welcome to participate! 


Business NHS

The National Business Education Association (NBEA) is the nation's leading professional organization devoted exclusively to serving individuals and groups engaged in instruction, administration, research, and dissemination of information for and about business. NBEA is the leading association devoted to the recognition that business education competencies are essential for all individuals in today's fast-changing society.

French NHS

French National Honor Society 2022

St Joseph High School is the Victor Hugo Chapter of the French National Honor Society. Students must maintain a minimum of a 90 average for 6 consecutive quarters (including midterms and finals) in order to be inducted and then maintain that average along with an overall B average over their involvement. Students become eligible in January of junior year, in level III or above, and are available as peer tutors for students in lower levels should help be requested.

Italian NHS

Italian NHS 2023

The Italian National Honor Society, or La Società Onoraria Italica, meets several times throughout the year in order to promote the study of Italian language and culture. Members of the society have been recognized for their excellence/achievement in Italian courses from 10th-12th grade. In addition, the society encourages students to be active members in the community so as to support the understanding of diverse cultures. Students must maintain a minimum of a 90 average for 6 consecutive quarters (including mid-terms and finals) in order to be initiated and then maintain that average over their involvement.

Chinese NHS

National Honor Society Inductees 2019

The Mencius Scholar Chapter of the National Chinese Honor Society at St. Joseph High School seeks to recognize the most diligent, kind-hearted, and committed students in the Chinese program. Students must maintain a minimum of a 90 average for 6 consecutive quarters (including mid-terms and finals) in order to be initiated and then maintain that average over their involvement. Under the leadership of the moderator, the organization is committed to offer Chinese after school programs to elementary schools in the community, as well as tutoring other students in the Chinese program. 

Spanish NHS

Spanish NHS

We are the Iboamerican Chapter of the Spanish National Honor Society. Students must maintain a minimum of a 90 average for 6 consecutive quarters (including mid-terms and finals) in order to be initiated and then maintain that average over their involvement. Scholarships for travel and study are offered by the National Organization as well as the possibility to be published in the National Organizations publication called Albericias.

National Honor Society

Eligibility is open to any eleventh or twelfth grade student who has a scholastic weighted career average of 90, and has been enrolled in the school for at least one semester. Other evaluated criteria for membership are leadership, service, and character. Once accepted into the Society, it is expected that all criteria for membership be maintained throughout the student’s high school career.

Don't See What You're Looking For?

St. Joseph High School students are encouraged to create their own unique clubs to add to this list. All it takes is an idea, an advisor, and a mission!  


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