Cup o' Joe Cafe

Cup of Joe Cafe
Cup of Joe Cafe
Cup of Joe Cafe

Welcome to Café de las Sonrisas, USA (also known as the Cup o' Joe)

Our Inspiration:
The Cup O’ Joe Café is inspired by the Café de las Sonrisas (Café of Smiles) in Granada, Nicaragua. St Joseph High School students were introduced to the staff while on an immersion trip in 2017. Café de las Sonrisas is run by individuals with disabilities who do not have a social services network to rely on.

Energized by the Café de las Sonrisas staff’s hard work and creativity, St Joseph High School students have created a café of their own. Students met with business leaders to learn start up procedures and applied for a micro-loan from Student Government. They set up work schedules, procured donated equipment, and even found a supplier of Nicaraguan coffee beans. Our Cadets have learned to grind organic beans and brew great coffee all while serving customers with a smile.

The café officially opened in May 2018; all proceeds benefit Café de las Sonrisas. The café is open before after classes for students and staff.

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