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Join the SJ Community on Saturday, February 25 from 8AM-3PM as we fill as many SJ busses as we can with food for those in need.

In November and December, food pantries are stocked to the brim thanks to Holiday Food Drives. But did you know that the winter months find our local pantries empty and in desperate need for food? St. Joseph High School wants to make a difference with our first annual "Still Hungry" Stuff-A-Bus Food Drive! There are so many children and families in Fairfield County alone who rely heavily on these resources and we are inspired to give back to our community. We hope to see you there! 

Community service means being completely selfless. It means contributing time and effort in order to put the needs of others before the needs of my own. Community service truly embodies the idea of putting God first, others second, and myself third. 

Teagan Cavaliere '23

Community service teaches us to be selfless and to think of others before ourselves. Through service, we learn to appreciate our own blessings. Through service we can gain a closer connection to our community and learn the importance of serving others.

~ Isabella Corona '23

Community service is giving what you take. Without the benefits of others in our lives, directly and indirectly, our community is nothing. Considering we’re all one big group, it’s important to remember there’s people outside of ourselves. In short, it means the world.

~ Matthew Debes '23

Did You Know? 

490,000 CT residents struggle with hunger and more than 131,000 children are food insecure.

Help SJ Restock the Pantries for:

The Bridgeport Rescue Mission  |  Sterling House Community Center  |  The Thomas Merton Center

Here's How You Can Help!

Season of Giving 2022


Food Pantry Wish List

  • Jars of:
    • Jelly (19oz)  |  Peanut Butter  | Dried Herbs and Spices
  • Cans of:
    • Tuna Fish, Salmon, Sardines
    • Meat (SPAM, Ham, Chicken)
    • Vegetables, Beans, and Fruit
    • Roasted Almonds (6oz)
    • Evaporated Milk
    • Soup (28oz) | Stews | Chilis
  • Boxes of:
    • Macaroni (16oz) and Pasta
    • Oatmeal (small)  |  Instant Mashed Potatoes
    • Powdered Milk  |  Whole Grain Cereal
  • Bags of: 
    • Sugar (small), Flour (small)
    • Dried fruit  |  Rice (small)  |  Dried Beans
  • Bottles of:
    • Oil (12oz), Chicken Broth (16oz)
    • Water  | Gatorade (to-go sized bottle)
  • Instant Coffee/Chocolate (12oz)
  • Snacks, including:
    • Energy/Granola/Protein Bars
    • Chips (individual snack packs)
    • Cheese and Cracker packets
    • Individually wrapped desserts - all kinds
    • Fruit Snacks  |  Applesauce

When Shopping, Try to Avoid: 

  • Junk Food
  • Items with glass or cellophane packaging, which can be broken in transit
  • Things that need can-openers or special equipment to open
  • Anything perishable

The St. Joes community is fortunate enough to have the resources and support that is needed to truly make a difference. When we come together, we are capable of making an incredible impact that will benefit those who are most in need. 

Teagan Cavaliere '23

The Stuff-a-Bus event will benefit a number of communities. Just think of how much food can fit on two buses and how it would benefit the people in them. Knowing an impact is guaranteed, small or large, warms the heart and helps people on the way to a better future. A little help goes a long way, so imagine a lot of help.

~ Matthew Debes '23