Fitness for Life is offered to freshman students and focuses on safety in and introduces students to basic movement patterns and sports. In addition, sophomores have the option to take the “Intro to Health and Wellness” elective as a half semester course, which dives further into strength and conditioning, program design, nutrition and overall health. 




Meet the Director

The Health & Wellness Center is staffed by Alisha Thresher, Director of Health and Wellness, who currently organizes a variety of instructional classes, and accommodates the needs of our fifty interscholastic teams. 

Alisha Thresher  |  (203) 378-9378 x320  |

Mrs Thresher earned her MS in Exercise Science at the California University of Pennsylvania, with a focus on Injury Prevention and Rehabilitation. She also holds a  BS in Athletic Training and Sports Nutrition from Southern Maine University.

Mrs Thresher's experience ranges from coaching young mothers who want to lose “baby weight” to training soldiers for the Special Forces’ Ranger School, to readying units preparing for combat deployments to Iraq and Afghanistan.

Previously, Mrs Thresher served as the Director of Health and Wellness at the Woodruff Family YMCA in Milford, CT.

When not teaching or training others, Mrs Thresher plays soccer (Southern Maine Huskies), runs marathons, and has an ironman triathlon to her credit. She has recently graduated to Crossfit competitions and trains with Crossfit Milford.



Health & Wellness Center Schedule & Rules


Health & Wellness Center Hours During the School Year:
  • Monday-Friday 6:30AM-5:30PM 
Health & Wellness Center Hours During the Summer:
  • Monday-Friday 7AM-2PM
  • The Health & Wellness Center is open every period with the exception of Period X. 
  • Students may sign out of their study to utilize the Health & Wellness center
  • Students must change into appropriate attire prior to entry
  • Classes have first priority.
  • During afterschool hours, usage  may be limited to the Cardio Room as the Strength Floor may be in use by teams.
  • The center is closed on the weekends unless a coach accompanies students.
  • During school vacations, hours may be limited.
  • The Health & Wellness Center is closed on all religious and national holidays.       


All Students Must Adhere to the Rules of Conduct in the Health & Wellness Center. 



Weightlifting Schedule

Winter Sports Lifting Schedule (Beginning Nov. 29)


  • 230-330: Boys Lacrosse
  • 330-430: Baseball
  • 430-530: Softball


  • 230-400: Boys Lacrosse
  • 330-430: Girls Lacrosse
  • 430-515: Hockey


  • 230-330: Baseball
  • 330-430: Softball


  • 230-400: Boys Lacrosse
  • 330-430: Girls Lacrosse
  • 430-515: Hockey


  • 230-330: Boys Lacrosse
  • 330-430: Baseball
  • 430-530: Softball

Winter Sport athletes in season lifting times to be determined with coaches.  Winter Break schedule will be posted at a later date




Nutritional Information

All St Joes students are encouraged to understand the role proper nutrition plays in their overall health and wellness. 

Click here to view a flyer with nutritional information.  Should you have any nutrition inquiries, please reach out to Ms Thresher.