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Cadet Events & Traditions

At St Joes, you will find a community where everyone is celebrated and everyone belongs. Students define their individual aptitudes outside the classroom through endless involvement opportunities.
Our school calendar is always full - clubs and activities, social events, fine and performing arts showcases, service opportunities, and more. Here you will develop a legacy, refine your moral compass, and meet lifelong friends. And your journey doesn’t end upon graduation, for you will join a longstanding community of over 10,000 alumni who always come home to “Joe”.
Creative Writing


Class Moderator: Mrs Arneson

Special Events for Freshman:

  • Freshmen Social
  • Freshmen Bible Mass 
  • Freshmen Retreat 
  • Freshmen Trip 
  • Spirit Week 
  • Walkathon 
  • Homecoming 
  • Saint Joseph Feast Day 
  • Freshmen Finale 
Junior Ring Mass 2019


Class Moderator: Dr. Marino

Special Events for Juniors:

  • Junior/Senior Trip 
  • Spirit Week 
  • Walkathon 
  • Homecoming 
  • Junior Ring Mass 
  • Junior Ring Dance 
  • Saint Joseph Feast Day 


Class Moderator: Mr. MacDonald

Special Events for Sophomores:

  • Sophomore Retreat
  • Spirit Week 
  • Walkathon 
  • Homecoming 
  • Sophomore Class Trip 
  • Sophomore Spring Fling 
  • Sophomore Family Mass 
  • Saint Joseph Feast Day 
Commencement 2019


Class Moderator: Mrs. Piatak

Special Events for Seniors:

  • Senior College Visit Day 
  • Senior Homecoming Assembly 
  • Spirit Week 
  • Walkathon 
  • Homecoming 
  • Saint Joseph Feast Day 

Visit the Senior Class Page To view commencement activites!


All-Student Activities & SJ Traditions

Scroll through some of our most popular events below to learn more about our community events and traditions! 


Gala Volunteers

Class Events &


Color Wars 2018