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Building a Moral Foundation.

At St. Joes, we are dedicated to educating a community of believers, confident about tomorrow. Yet, it is the spirit of our community that makes the difference. We encourage individual achievement within the moral parameters of our motto - with Privilege comes Responsibility. Here, our students develop a life-long love of serving those in need and giving generously of their time and unique gifts. We celebrate our shared values with people of all faiths. 

St. Joseph Icon

St. Joseph High School is proud to have a stunning Chapel right on our campus.

Throughout the years, the Chapel has been enhanced and beautified so that today's students can be given a place of great dignity and beauty in which to encounter the Lord in prayer and in the sacraments. 

SJ's Alumni Chapel is the center and heart of St. Joseph High School, familiar to generations of St. Joseph High School students as a place of prayer and worship. While Mass takes place each day in our chapel, whole-school Masses are celebrated in our gymnasium. During all-school Mass, students, faculty, and staff gather together. 


Theology Curriculum

The mission of our Theology Department is to proclaim the Gospel through the teachings of the Roman Catholic Church. After learning old about the old and new Testaments as underclassmen, students will learn more about their faith and the faith of others. Seniors, in particular, are able to take classes such as: 
  • Christian Lifestyles
  • Introduction to World Religions
  • Faith and Reason
  • Prayer and Spirituality
  • Bioethics
  • World Religions

Catholic Identity

Our Catholic Identity serves as a guiding influence. We will demonstrate Catholic values through service, faith formation, and leadership opportunities. It is our mission to ensure that all graduates hold a moral compass that places God's love, human decency, and goodness above all else. 
2021-23 Strategic Priorities
  • Create meaningful service opportunities
  • Implement a mission drive approach to faith formation
  • Examine contemporary issues with love and understanding
  • Strengthen our culture in pursuit of virtue

Deacon Font's Lenten Reflections

Service is Integral to a St. Joseph High School Education

At St. Joes, our students are offered a number of opportunities to learn the value of service - whether that be of their time, their talent, or their loyalty. On average, St. Joes students serve approximately 30,000 hours per year. They serve on campus, in their local communities, and across the globe. Students may participate in school-wide service days, such as Saint Joseph Feast Day, or through partnerships with local food banks and homeless shelters who have partnerships with our school. 

All students must fulfill a service requirement in order to graduate and many go above and beyond their required hours. 

Alumni Chapel

"Each generation of students that come to St. Joes, regardless of what their faith background may be, are both welcomed and accompanied throughout their time here and know first and foremost that they are loved infinitely by God and that they are called to be agents of that love in a world that so desperately needs it."

A Faith-Based