Spiritual Life

Because we are a Catholic school, we welcome you, we value you, and we believe in your future. Our faith-based learning community helps you engage with confidence the distances between cultures, religions, and borders. Campus Ministry, our Chaplain, and the theology faculty are essential partners with academics and the activities program, helping you to discover your unique gifts, to grow spiritually, and to live in service to the global community. Each day, students are given the opportunity to develop, practice, and express their faith through activities that include daily prayer, prayer services, liturgies, retreats, service, volunteer programs and various leadership opportunities.

While our Campus Ministry programs reflect our Catholic tradition, there are various faiths represented within our community, and the religious identities of our non-Catholic students are respected and affirmed. We celebrate our shared values with people of all faiths. 

School News


SJ's Winter Phonathon was held at Ross Bacarella's ’80 BTX office in Shelton, CT.  Thirty students attended each night on February 5 & 6.