Kairos Retreats


Please Note: Due to Covid-19 regulations and guidelines, overnight Kairos Retreats have been postponed for the 2020-2021 school year. More information will be listed on this page should anything change.


St Joes is proud to offer retreat opportunities for juniors and seniors. Modeled off the Ignatian Kairos model, Kairos Retreats are student-led retreats that helps participants understand their relationship to God, themselves, and others on a deeper level through: 

  • Senior Peer Minister witness talks; 
  • Faculty witness talks; and
  • Small group discussions. 

Our two-night, three-day model is arranged to provide students with a real “retreat” from their routines and immerse them in a program that is student planned and executed. This retreat is open to anyone who is in their junior or senior year at St Joes.


General Information

Next Retreat Date: TBD

Location: Wisdom House Retreat Center, 229 East Litchfield Road, Litchfield, CT 

Permission Slip/Medical Authorization:


  • $150.  
  • Note: Due to contractual arrangements with the retreat facility, we cannot release you from financial responsibility for the deposit or final cost of your Kairos spot unless another eligible student can be found to take your student's  place on the retreat.

Financial Assistance:

  •  If it is not possible for you to pay the full cost, please inquire with Mr Smith about the availability of financial assistance.  Retreats—like any travel or activities we choose to undertake—necessarily involve a financial commitment.  Still, we would like to help any student unable to afford the whole cost.  We want to make this retreat do-able for every student who wishes to attend, so please do not hesitate to ask if you have a need.


  • Any students who have academic difficulties before Kairos occurs may risk not being allowed to attend the retreat and the possibility of losing retreat payments—school administration will decide whether or not any such student may attend on a case-by-case basis.


  • When you arrive to school on the day of our departure for Kairos, bring your “luggage” to the Student Commons, where it will be stored for the day.

Meals, Snacks, and Beverages:

  • Three very hearty meals are served each day of the retreat.  Each family is asked to send some nut free snacks and beverages to be shared among students at the break times each day.  Such snacks and beverages should be brought to the Student Commons with the student’s baggage the morning of the retreat, and will be brought with the luggage and retreat supplies.


Reflections on the February 2020 Kairos Retreat, by Jordan Smith

Our Chaplain, Fr Eric Silva, was able to celebrate Mass twice and offer Reconciliation once during the course of the weekend. In addition, we incorporated a Eucharistic Holy Hour on the first night of retreat, in conjunction with Katie Keogler from St Rose of Lima in Newtown, CT. These spiritual elements helped retreatants understand the scriptural foundation upon which the Kairos Retreat is built in the context of the stories and personal testimonies shared by their peers.  

The role of faculty chaperones was to help facilitate small group sessions of approximately 8-10, yet defer to the leadership of the appointed Student Leader. Student Leaders gave the majority of retreat “talks” and met with myself often in the months leading up to the retreat. Their training involved a comprehensive overview of the entire program including policies for reporting students of concern. With their good leadership, five students were identified and referred to the Counseling Department upon our return for necessary evaluation and support. 

My sincere thanks to all who have supported this new initiative and care deeply about the future of Campus Ministry through programs like Kairos. I anticipate great growth in Campus Ministry with your support.


Emergency Contact

While Kairos is not a silent retreat, it is very important that a student’s Kairos be respected as a “retreat” from his or her normal daily routine.  Families and friends are therefore kindly asked to refrain from calling or texting students while they are away.  But certainly, if an emergency should arise during the retreat, you may reach Mr Smith twenty-four hours a day at the retreat  by using the app: WeChat. Mr Smith's WeChatID is MrSmithSJ.  

If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact Mr Jordan Smith at jsmith@sjcadets.org or (203) 378-9378 x313. 

It is hard to describe the sense of community and incredible love for one another that thrives on Kairos. For three days we prayed as a community, shared stories and took time to actually listen to each other. We watched our students embrace one another in moments of affirmation that showed us all just how real our SJ “family” is.

-Jordan Smith, Director of Campus Ministry