Summer at StJoes

St Joes does not stop in the summer! Not only is our campus bustling with summer activities, courses, and camps, our students even start preparing for the fall school year.

Get a jump start on your academic success by taking summer courses or meet some new classmates at one of the athletic camps. Registrations are first-come, first-serve.



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Summer Calendar (Events Shown from June-August)

Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday
Sun, Dec 26
Mon, Dec 27
Tue, Dec 28
Wed, Dec 29
Thu, Dec 30
Fri, Dec 31
Sat, Jan 1
Sun, Jan 2
Mon, Jan 3
Tue, Jan 4
Wed, Jan 5
Thu, Jan 6
Fri, Jan 7
Sat, Jan 8
Sun, Jan 9
Mon, Jan 10
Tue, Jan 11
Wed, Jan 12
Thu, Jan 13
Fri, Jan 14
Sat, Jan 15
Sun, Jan 16
Mon, Jan 17
Tue, Jan 18
Wed, Jan 19
Thu, Jan 20
Fri, Jan 21
Sat, Jan 22
Sun, Jan 23
Mon, Jan 24
Tue, Jan 25
Wed, Jan 26
Thu, Jan 27
Fri, Jan 28
Sat, Jan 29
Sun, Jan 30
Mon, Jan 31
Tue, Feb 1
Wed, Feb 2
Thu, Feb 3
Fri, Feb 4
Sat, Feb 5