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We are so excited to welcome students in all grades back to our campus to spend their days playing sports in the sun, taking courses with our dedicated faculty, or meeting new friends during a seminar designed for our newest Cadets. Course offerings and descriptions, as well as dates and costs are detailed below. We'll see you this summer!

For Incoming 9th Grade Cadets

Classroom 2022

Please scroll to the bottom of the page to access the summer calendar and registration forms for all summer activities and courses.

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Registration for Class of 2028 is now open! You'll find the registration form toward the bottom of this page. 


For Current 10th-12th Cadets

Students Smiling and Studying

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Registration is now open! You'll find the registration form toward the bottom of this page. 


For Current 12th Cadets

graduation 2022

Senior College Bootcamp

Presented By: SJ's Office of College & School Counseling
Location: St. Joes
Open to: Current 12th graders
Dates: August 5 & 6, Time: 10:00am-12:30pm
Cost: Free (students are encouraged to bring a snack/drink)
Registration: Registration will open on March 1 via the form at the bottom of this page.

The Senior College Bootcamp is designed to prepare our seniors with the essential skills, knowledge, and resources they need to thrive during the college appplication season. Students will learn to navigate the admissions process, receive valuable essay feedback, work on the Common App, and other necessary tasks associated with the process.

College Admissions Reps will also attend and speak with students to assist in the process. 


Registration is now open! You'll find the registration form toward the bottom of this page. 


Various Grades, SJ Enrollment Not Required

TM Camp 1

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Current SJ Students

Sacred Heart University Testing

Athletic Conditioning Dates:

Athletic Conditioning is hosted by KMK Training on SJ's campus. There is no fee for our students to participate in Athletic Conditioning. 

Please Note: All students must sign up through FinalForms in order to participate. Class of 2028 students, your FinalForms page will become available in June and an announcement will be sent to you via email. Learn more at:

Summer Conditioning Not Mandatory: Participation in the summer athletic conditioning program is entirely voluntary and is not a prerequisite for trying out or becoming a member of any athletic team. While the program offers valuable training opportunities, it is not mandatory for athletes to attend.

Subject to Change: The dates and times listed for the summer conditioning schedule are subject to change. Changes may occur due to due to summer weather conditions. We recommend checking this schedule on FinalForms regularly for updates and announcements regarding any changes. Your understanding and flexibility in this matter are greatly appreciated.


Current SJ Students


Summer Service Days

Join us to pack sandwiches and meals to benefit our local pantries and shelters!

Presented By: SJ's Campus Ministry Department 
Location: St. Joes
Open to: SJ Cadets, All Grades
Dates: July 18 from 10:00am-12:00pm AND August 8 from 10:00am-12:00pm
Cost: Supply donations are requested. In a confirmation email sent two weeks before the Meal Pack date you register for, you will receive an email with necessary donations and an opportunity to choose your contribution. 
Registration: Scroll to the bottom of this page to access the registration form.

Registration is now open! You'll find the registration form toward the bottom of this page. 



Summer Calendar (Events Only Shown from June-August)

Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday
Sun, Mar 31
Mon, Apr 1
Tue, Apr 2
Wed, Apr 3
Thu, Apr 4
Fri, Apr 5
Sat, Apr 6
Sun, Apr 7
Mon, Apr 8
Tue, Apr 9
Wed, Apr 10
Thu, Apr 11
Fri, Apr 12
Sat, Apr 13
Sun, Apr 14
Mon, Apr 15
Tue, Apr 16
Wed, Apr 17
Thu, Apr 18
Fri, Apr 19
Sat, Apr 20
Sun, Apr 21
Mon, Apr 22
Tue, Apr 23
Wed, Apr 24
Thu, Apr 25
Fri, Apr 26
Sat, Apr 27
Sun, Apr 28
Mon, Apr 29
Tue, Apr 30
Wed, May 1
Thu, May 2
Fri, May 3
Sat, May 4
Summer at St. Joes