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St Joseph High School Automobile & Parking Regulations:

Permission to drive the school and park on the school campus is a privilege, not a right.

For the safety of the entire school community, St Joseph High School must be able to identify the owner of every vehicle parked on campus. Therefore, any student wishing to drive to school and park on campus must complete the online application, pay the parking fee, and then present their driver’s license when they are called to the Main Office to pick up their parking pass. Parking passes must be hung from the rear view mirror and clearly displayed at all times.

The fee for parking is $50 and all parking passes must be purchased by October 7, 2018. The fee for any parking passes purchased after October 7, 2018 will be $100. Students who receive their license after the October 5, 2018 deadline will have one month from the day the license was issued to purchase a parking pass for the original $50 but this will be determined by the issue date as it appears on the student’s license. There are no exceptions to this rule.

The following rules must be adhered to by all student drivers for the safety of both the individual drivers and the entire school community. Penalties will be enforced to ensure compliance with these rules.


Driving & Parking Rules

  1. Cars must be kept locked at all times. St Joseph High School is not responsible for any theft or damaged incurred while parked on our grounds.
  2. Lost parking passes will be replaced for a $50 fee.
  3. No motorcycles, motor-scooters, mopeds etc., or heavy trucks are to be parked on school grounds.
  4. Students may park in the following areas: gravel parking lot, top of the hill, the side parking lot next to the girls’ locker room and the crescent lot adjacent to the gravel lot. There is no student parking in the front faculty lot, the circle in front of the school or in the lot immediately behind the gym.
  5. Students parking in the paved lots must park within the painted lines. Students may not “create” their own spaces or rows by parking in areas that do not have clearly marked lines.
  6. All traffic and parking signs must be adhered to by student drivers.
  7. No loitering in or around cars.
  8. No smoking in cars.
  9. Reckless driving or fooling in or around cars will not be tolerated.
  10. The speed limit on campus is 5 MPH.
  11. Students may not go to their cars for any reason during the school day without permission from a school administrator.
  12. Vehicles parked on school grounds or a school sponsored event are subject to search by the Administration.


  1. School Ticket – Drivers who park illegally or without a parking pass may be issued a school fine of $10 for the first offense. Any subsequent offenses may result in a $20 fine. Failure to pay the fine in a timely manner may result in the student being placed on disciplinary probation during which time they will not be able to participate in any extracurricular activities or sports. Delinquent fines may be reported to the Finance Office and failure to pay them may subject the student to financial holds on report cards, exams and transcripts. Parents will also be notified of these fines. Continual violation of the parking regulations may result in the revocation of the student’s parking pass (see below).
  2. Revocation of parking pass – Any student violating the speed limit, behaving carelessly or recklessly with cars, or continually violating the parking regulations may have their pass revoked for a period of time (including the remainder of the school year) determined by the Administration. If driving permission has been revoked, the student may not drive to school or park on campus at any time, including during after school hours or on-campus events. In addition to having their parking pass revoked, students may also face additional consequences from the school or local authorities if necessary.
  3. Towing / Town Ticket – Cars parked in fire lanes, handicap spaces or in violation of town laws may be subject to ticketing from the local police department or towing (at the owner’s expense). The school is not required to notify any student in violation of these municipal laws and the consequences they carry. Students in violation of these laws may also face additional consequences from the school.

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