Clubs & Activities

With over 40 clubs and activities available, no one sits still for long at St Joes. Clubs are run by student leaders with the help of faculty and staff moderators, and represent the wide variety of interests and talents that exist within our school community.

Asian/International Club

The Asian Club's mission is to promote the acceptance and understanding of Asian cultures. The club offers an educational and informal atmosphere to explore the nuances of the many cultures found in Asia. This club is open to students who want to enhance their appreciation for Asian culture.

Camp Sunshine

St Joseph High School supports Camp Sunshine by volunteering as Counselors during a summer session. Camp Sunshine is nestled alongside the shores of beautiful Sebago Lake. It provides respite, support, joy and hope to children with life-threatening illnesses and their immediate families through various stages of a child’s illness. The year-round program is free of charge to all families, and includes 24-hour onsite medical and psychosocial support. Bereavement groups are also offered for families who have lost a child to an illness.

Campus Ministry

Campus Ministry at St Joseph High School is an integral part of our spiritual life program as we strive to put the Gospel into action in our lives.

Putting our faith into action helps to concretize what we study, as we live out our relationship with Christ which comes to us through prayer and through the sacramental life of the Church. Mother Teresa once said that "the fruit of prayer is service," so our Campus Ministry program seeks to combine what our students study with how they live, helping to form the young person for lifelong discipleship. In the process, students grow stronger in the faith themselves, and powerfully witness to it among their peers.

This is accomplished through various concrete activities, such as providing food to families in need through the Thanksgiving Food Drive, witnessing to the sanctity of life at the March for Life in Washington DC each January, remembering those less fortunate at the holidays through the Christmas Giving Tree, bringing a smile to the face of our elders at the Senior Citizen Prom, helping underprivileged youth with their studies in collaboration with Mother Teresa's sisters, the Missionaries of Charity, helping with the celebration of school-wide Masses and of Catholic Schools Week, and so much more.

To inquire about about Campus Ministry -- or for ways to get involved -- contact Fr Mike Novajosky.

Campus Ministry at St Joseph High School is an integral part of our spiritual life program as we strive to put the Gospel into action in our lives.

Chess Club

The St Joe's Chess Club brings together students who would like to share an interest in chess with each other. The club promotes increased knowledge and understanding of the game of chess as a hobby, an art, and as an intellectual sport. Skill levels range from beginners to advanced, competitive-minded players. The Chess Club is open to any student, regardless of his or her experience or playing ability.

The Chess Club meets in room 204 from 2pm-3pm with Mr Gaccione.

Debate Club

The debate club is open to all SJHS students who share a love for debating current topics. Students will meet once a month to plan their debate (teams, topics, etc.). The monthly debate will follow a prescribed format and the moderator will serve as judge.

The Debate club meets Thursday after school in 203, from 2:00-3:00pm and moderated by Mr Tyrell.

Connecticut Science and Engineering Fair (CSEF)

This club prepares students to present a research study or engineering prototype at the Connecticut Science and Engineering Fair.It acts as both an academic and creative outlet for students with a deep interest in the sciences or engineering. Students design their own projects with oversight from a moderator and a mentor.The projects involve significant independent work by the students, and upon completion, projects are presented at the CSEF each March, where they may be awarded for their excellence.

Drama Club

The St Joseph High School Drama Club produces a play and a musical each school year. The goal of the drama club is to perform a wide range of theatrical works so that over their four years, students have an opportunity to participate in, or to attend tragedies, comedies, modern and classical theater. The drama club welcomes all member of the SJHS community to participate in productions whether through performance, technical work, or as an audience member. The Drama Club strives to be a welcoming environment to the students of SJHS and through theater, hopes to encourage cultural, social, and emotional understanding. Theater isn't just about the actors, our shows would be nothing without our dedicated stage crew, volunteers, and parents.

We welcome ALL students to come and to be a part of this exciting club!

English Club

The English Club provides a social networking group for students who have a passion for the subject, and serves as a creative and expressive outlet for students with similar interests and goals.

The club’s activities include Book-of-the-Month meetings, film discussions, attending plays, and visiting art galleries. The English Club also hosts workshops, monthly book/paper readings, and get-togethers.

Ultimately, the English Club's primary purpose is to enrich the lives of St Joe's students by encouraging life-long learning, awakening students to their role(s) in our society and in the rest of the world, empowering them with the ability to trust and exercise their thinking skills on a higher level (one that is pertinent to their lives), developing an educated, literate individual who will have the reading, writing, and communication skills to survive in an ever- more complicated, sophisticated world, instilling a love of the written word, (which will never be replaced by any form of technology), and finally, reaching students of various backgrounds, interests, and abilities.

French Club

The French Club meets several times throughout the year to celebrate French culture and holidays, à la française when possible. Meetings are open to all students, not just those studying French, and if there are opportunities to visit French exhibitions or performances in near-by cities, we would do so. This is a student-run club and the officers are the initiators of the activities. Bienvenue! Come join us!

French National Honor Society

St Joseph High School is the Victor Hugo Chapter of the French National Honor Society. Students must maintain a minimum of a 90 average for 6 consecutive quarters in order to be inducted and then maintain that average along with an overall B average over their involvement. Students become eligible in January of junior year, in level III or above, and are available as peer tutors for students in lower levels should help be requested.

Freshman Guides

Guides need to be outgoing and willing to spend a typical school day with a visiting 7th or 8th grade student, serving as a host as they go to their classes and to lunch. The Guides are chosen in the fall of freshman year after interested students submit an application and a teacher recommendation.

Frisbee Club

Frisbee Club meets weekly, weather permitting, for relaxed, fun and energetic pick-up games of ultimate Frisbee. The club is open to all and always looking for new members. Please bring a change of clothes and sneakers. Please contact moderator Miss Harris at if you have any questions or are interested in participating.

Go Green Ecology Club

The purpose of the Go Green Ecology Club is to promote environmental awareness and the practices that will lead us into a healthy sustainable future. Projects such as coat drives to help people in need and at the same time recycle reusable clothing are part of our goals. Our hope is to make our school as “green” as possible and reduce the human footprint we will leave behind through our consumption of energy and industrial products. Protecting the natural habitats of endangered animals is also a goal. Funds raised by the club will enable us to adopt an endangered animal through the World Wildlife Federation program. The Go Green Ecology Club membership is open to all students attending St Joseph High School.

Guitar Club

The Guitar Club is open to students who play guitar and would like the opportunity to dicuss popular music and learn how to play various songs with the input of other club members. This is also an outlet for the sharing of talents and an opportunity for self- expression.

Guitar club meets every Friday in 201, Dr Valois and Mr Brunner are the moderators.

Human Relations Club

The Human Relations Club's mission is to make the St Joseph High School community aware of interracial, intergenerational, and anti-bullying initiatives. The club is a socially-inclusive organization with the intent of embracing multiculturalism and diversity, while eliminating racism, prejudice, and intolerance on all levels.

Irish Club

Students meet at least once per month to celebrate and appreciate Irish culture. Irish heritage is NOT a requirement. Club activities include: Irish step dance lessons, Irish recipe research, participation in the World Language Club celebration, community service opportunities, and marching in the Bridgeport St. Patrick's Day Parade. Participation is open to all grade levels.

Italian Club

The Italian Club meets monthly to promote Italian culture, music, art and food through after school activities such visiting centers of Italian culture, attending operas and plays, making trips to museums and restaurants.

HeArt Club

HeArt club meets every other Wednesday in room 307. Moderated by Mrs Pia.

Italian National Honor Society

The Italian National Honor Society, or La Società Onoraria Italica, meets several times throughout the year in order to promote the study of Italian language and culture. Members of the society have been recognized for their excellence/achievement in Italian courses throughout sophomore, junior and senior year. In addition, the purpose of the society is to encourage students to be active members in the community so as to support the understanding of diverse cultures and languages.

Jazz Club

Jazz Ensemble is a wonderful opportunity for students to explore the world American Jazz and develop their musician skills through reading charts and improvisation. Besides jazz music, the ensemble rehearses and performs many different styles of music including Latin, rock/funk, and Caribbean. The ensemble is made up of drum set, bass, guitar, vocalists and various wind instruments. All students with some music background are encouraged to attend and there is no audition to join.

Jeopardy Club

The Jeopardy Club is intended for all students interested in a mental challenge. Questions are designed for high school knowledge and just like the television show, the first one to buzz in will be the first one allowed to respond. Incorrect answers result in a loss of points and someone else will have the chance to respond.

Students do not have to attend every meeting. The total of your best three scores in a semester determines those students who will challenge the faculty team.

Meetings are at 2:15 p.m. every Tuesday in Room 111.

If you have questions, contact Mr. Mamrus in Room 111.

Letters of Love Club

The Letters of Love Club welcomes all students who would like to extend kindness and compassion to those in the elderly community. Students are paired as pen pals with residents of the Lord Chamberlain Health Care facility. Monthly meetings involve writing to and sharing letters from assigned pen pals. Students will also personally visit Lord Chamberlain periodically during the school year. This is a wonderful way to bridge the generations and share experiences in a manner that benefits all those involved. Participation is open to all grade levels.

Math Club

The Math Club is open to all students who have a love for math and practicing their skill. Teams are formed among the members to participate in state wide competitions. The club meets weekly for practice and the competitions take place the first Wednesday of each month from October to March. All students are welcome and all can participate in the competitions.

The Math Club meets every Wednesday at 2:00pm in room 109. Moderated by Mrs Berry.

Model United Nations

Model United Nations is open to all students. Meetings are held once a week and are primarily used to prepare for Model UN conferences. Preparations include conducting research, writing position papers, drafting speeches, learning parliamentary procedure, and practicing public speaking skills. The club is moderated by Mrs Katelyn Doane.

Model UN meets in OK3 every Wednesday, 4:15pm-5:30pm.

Music Ministry

Music Ministry provides the music for the school-wide Masses and Liturgies that are held regularly. Current instruments include piano, violin, & guitar, and we are always looking for singers. Music Ministry rehearses two days before Mass, and announcements are published through Edline. Please contact Miss Harris at if you have any questions or are interested in participating.

National Chinese Honor Society

NCHS (National Chinese Honor Society)

Mission Statement:

The Mencius Scholar Chapter of the National Chinese Honor Society at St. Joseph High School seeks to recognize the most diligent, kind-hearted, and committed students in the Chinese program. Under the leadership of the moderator, the organization is committed to offer Chinese after school programs to elementary schools in the community, as well as tutoring other students in the Chinese program. The NCHS also works to promote the school’s Mandarin Chinese program among the school community throughout the year.

Mencius Scholar Chapter is a member of

Chinese Language Association of Secondary-Elementary Schools

National Honor Society

Eligibility is open to any eleventh or twelfth grade student who has a scholastic weighted career average of 90, and has been enrolled in the school for at least one semester. Other evaluated criteria for membership are leadership, service, and character. Once accepted into the Society, it is expected that all criteria for membership be maintained throughout the student’s high school career.

Pep Club

The Pep Club is a club that promotes school spirit and enthusiasm for all our sports teams and other extracurricular events. Members do everything from planning and making signs for each Pep Rally to riding in a beautifully decorated convertible or pick-up during the Homecoming Parade. Many have a lot of fun participating in the rallies themselves—especially the Maroon and Gold people!!!!

Meetings are always announced and take place approximately once or twice a month. The Pep Club sponsors the Annual Powder Puff Game---a football face off between the junior and senior girls.

The Pep Club also sponsors the Annual Mr. Student Body Competition. Senior boys representing a variety of clubs and sports compete each year for this coveted title. Each year, this event benefits an organization that aims to help others, such as The White Ribbon Campaign.

All in all, both the planning as well as the participation in each of the Pep Club events makes the SJHS community a place full of tradition as well as great school spirit.

Philosphy Club

The Philosophy Club meets in OK3 every Tuesday after school, 2-3pm moderated by Mr Pappa.

The Philosophy Club is open to all SJHS students and seeks to live up to Socrates’ claim that, “The unexamined life is not worth living.” Each week we discuss a question, article, or text of philosophical importance. Why are we here? Do we have free will? Why is there something rather than nothing? Come ready to discuss these and other of life’s most important questions with other seekers.

Ping Pong Club

Ping Pong meets in the cold café on Fridays 2:30pm-3:30pm, Ms Li and Mr Kavulich are the moderators.

Political Awareness Club

Political Awareness Club meets in OK3 every other Thursday, from 2:00pm-3:00pm and moderated by Mr Pappa.

Portfolio Club

Pottery Club

The Pottery Club moderated by Ms Cindy Richter meets the 2nd Monday of the month.


Originally, the mission of the SADD chapter was to help young people say "No" to drinking and driving. Today, the mission has expanded. Students have told us that positive peer pressure, role modeling and environmental strategies can prevent other destructive decisions and set a healthier, safer course for their lives. And that is why SADD has become a peer-to-peer education, prevention, and activism organization dedicated to preventing destructive decisions, particularly underage drinking, other drug use, risky and impaired driving, teen violence, and teen suicide.

SADD's mission:
To provide students with the best prevention tools possible to deal with the issues of underage drinking, other drug use, impaired driving and other destructive decisions.


The new Audio/Visual Club just began with the start of the 2013-14 school year and is still in the fledgling stage. Some 25 students are learning the basics of broadcasting; both in front of and behind the camera.

Our new studio has the latest in broadcast technology, and along with the Advanced Tech class, the AV Club is helping to keep SJHS informed with the morning announcements. We look forward to including live streaming of even more sporting events and other ongoing activities at St Joe's.

Spanish Club

The Spanish Club meets throughout the year. All students interested in the richness of the Spanish and Latin American cultures are welcome. Spanish Club activities include Mardi Gras, Fiestas celebrating the culture and cuisine of the Spanish speaking world, a cultural field trip, and other activities. ¡Ven y celebra con nosotros! Come and celebrate with us!

Spanish National Honor Society

We are the Iboamerican Chapter of the Spanish National Honor Society. Students must maintain a minimum of a 90 average for 6 consecutive quarters in order to be initiated and then maintain that average over their involvement. Scholarships for travel and study are offered by the National Organization as well as the possibility to be published in the National Organizations publication called Albericias.

Special Olympics Service Club

Student Ambassadors

Student Council

Student Council is an organization of students and faculty moderators that work for the general welfare of the school by promoting school morale, spirit and cooperation between the student body, the faculty and administration.

*Student Council every Monday in room 314, 2pm-3pm with Class Advisors.

Class Advisors

Senior Advisor, Mrs. Colleen Piatak
Junior Advisor, Dr. Bob Marino
Sophomore Advisor, Mr. Vic Eng
Freshman Advisor, Mr. Greg Semplice
Advisor, Mrs. Nancy Lessard

Preamble (from the St Joseph High School Student Council Constitution):

We, the students of St Joseph High School, fully aware of our responsibility to God, our Country, and St Joseph High School, in order to provide for student welfare, to encourage the necessary cooperation and understanding between the students, faculty, and the administration, in accordance with the powers delegated to us by the Administration of St Joseph High School do hereby ordain,and establish this constitution for the Student Council of St Joseph High School.

Purposes of the Student Council are (Article II):

  1. to serve as a Student Government, by advising the administration of the school in matters directly or indirectly related to the welfare of students of the school community as a whole and to provide a forum for student expression.
  2. to establish greater unity in the school by encouraging cooperation and understanding between the student body, the faculty and the administration.
  3. to promote the general welfare of the school, safeguard its reputation and preserve its tradition. to develop attitudes of, and practices in, good citizenship and Christianity.
  4. to improve school morale and spirit
  5. to establish and provide orderly direction for school activities.

Student Council Events Include:

Assisting the Freshman on the first day of schoolStudent Council Elections
School Dances (Snowball, Homecoming, etc.)Class Trips
Donation of food to the needyDecorating the school for Christmas
Junior Ring BreakfastStudent Council Induction Ceremony
Wall ContestSpirit Week Activities
Walk-a-ThonField Day
Homecoming Assembly and BreakfastOpen House
Halloween Costume Contest"Decade" Dress Down Day
Faculty Appreciation DayValentine's Day Flower Sale
Senior PicnicBaccalaureate Mass
Graduation Events

Writing Center

The Writing Center is a student-centered learning, resource, and study environment for students to obtain and seek help concerning writing expository essays, creative assignments, and research/term papers for their classes. This program endorses writing across the curriculum, and student-trained tutors are available on a daily basis after school.

What is the Writing Center at St Joseph High School?

The Writing Center is a free resource available for all students where individual attention is given to every kind of writing. The Writing Center provides each student with up to an hour of individual feedback, discussion, and suggestions to improve their writing.

Our goal is to help students become better writers, and we believe that collaboration is the key. We will not proofread or correct papers, but we will help students think critically about their own writing and hopefully give suggestions to make it stronger.

Our sessions are for all types of writing and can last anywhere between a half hour to an hour – it is up to you! Whether you are working on an English essay, a biology report, or a poem, we will try our best to assist you.

The writing consultants/tutors at the St Joseph High School Writing Center have been trained to help students meet the writing demands of teachers. Ask your friends and your teachers about the Writing Center, or drop by and see what happens here.


Following Columbia University School of Journalism’s ideas, concepts and format, the Spectrum continues to be one of New England’s award winning premier high school medalist yearbooks. Although the staff (writers, editors, photographers, and business managers) is made up of mostly juniors and seniors, freshmen and sophomores fill 40% of the staff needs.

Be part of the team that produces one of the best high school yearbooks in New England. Meets 2-3 times a week. To be actively involved in the editorial process, students must commit to making the yearbook a primary activity. In the process, the students learn valuable skills such as digital photography, desktop publishing, copy editing, creative design, and management.

*The Yearbook room is 314 continually meets afterschool most days in room 315, and is moderated by Mrs Lisa Russell.

The Stock Market Club

The Stock Market Club meets every Thursday in OK3 from 3:15pm-4:30pm and is moderated by Mr Roselli.

Women's Studies Club

Women’s Studies club in room 310 every other Thursday, 2:00-3:00pm moderated by Mr. Pappa.

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