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At St Joseph High School, it is our belief that learning is a collaboration between parents, students, teachers, counselors, and administrators. Each has a part to play in a student's success. It is our hope, that by the time a student graduates, he or she has become a lifelong learner. This maturation process takes time to develop as the right balance is struck between adult supervision and intervention and a student's ownership for learning. Younger students naturally need more adult supervision and advocacy. But as a student matures, it is expected that he or she will take responsibility for his or her learning. In the end, if a student is to succeed in college, the student must be responsible and accountable for his or her education.


St Joseph High School has many platforms available to foster communication: PlusPortals, e-mail, phone, Parent-Teacher Conferences, interim reports, report cards, the SJHS website, and Constant Contact.

Extra Help

The most important level of support begins and ends with the student and teacher working together. If a student would like to schedule an extra help session, the student should first identify what questions or issues are causing difficulty. The student should approach the teacher to schedule an appointment and check the teacher's availability. Extra help sessions should be constructive and specific. Teachers are available to work with students until 2:30 pm on a regular school day dismissal.

Writing Center

The Writing Center is located in room 310 and is available to all students after school. This resource center is for the purpose of helping students sharpen their writing skills under the guidance of peers and faculty. Students may drop by the center as needed.


To better coordinate and plan individual learning strategies, teachers, counselors, and administrators are available to meet with parents and students. Conferences may be held over the phone or by appointment. If a parent would like to meet with a teacher, counselor, or administrator, the parent should contact the staff member and set up an appointment. If a conference is needed with multiple teachers in one meeting, the parent is asked to contact the counselor to arrange the date and time.


Members of the National Honor Society and the World Language Honor Society are available to tutor students after school or during the student's study period as schedules allow.

Referrals of professional tutors are available upon request and arrangements are made at the discretion of the parent. If employed, it is requested that the tutor coordinate efforts with the subject area teacher.

There is additionally a free, school-based tutoring service with an experienced teacher, for both math and science, which welcomes students from every high school grade level who would like extra support or review.

The program is intended to provide help to all levels of students, and develop both remedial and advanced skills in these subject areas. This program joins The Writing Center in providing SJ students with practical and accessible learning resources in the college preparatory mission.


Intervention meetings may be convened by the student’s guidance counselor or the administration for the purpose of evaluating a student’s progress when the student is demonstrating poor performance. Participants will include the student’s guidance counselor, and may include teachers, the Director of Special Education services, Social Worker, Dean of Students, school nurse and the administration. The student and parents will be requested to attend the review. Student progress will be reviewed on a periodic basis. It is expected that the student employ the strategies identified in the planning.


St Joseph High School uses the EasyWriter, a Pocket Reference, as a guide to improving writing and research. This reference guide is an important tool for students and teachers alike. Together, we agree to the formats used in writing and research. Departure from the formats referenced in the style guide is at the discretion of the teacher and will be communicated to the student as such.

The EasyWriter reference guide has many helpful tips for students. This guide addresses the essential areas of effective writing and research: writing, sentence grammar, sentence style, punctuation/mechanics, language, multilingual writers, research, and documentation. Students at St Joseph High School are expected to regularly refer to the style guide to assist in proper format and citation.

The following sections are of particular importance to a student as he or she documents his or her research. Specific examples are given in the style guide.

Research—please refer to the following sections in your EasyWriter:

  • “Materials that do not require acknowledgement”
  • “Materials that do require acknowledgement”
  • “Avoiding plagiarism”

Documentation—ask your teacher which format he or she prefers:

Modern Language Association (MLA)

    • MLA manuscript format
    • In-text citations
    • List of works cited

American Psychological Association (APA)

    • APA manuscript format
    • In-text citations
    • List of references

Chicago Style (CHI)

    • Chicago manuscript format
    • Footnotes, endnotes, and bibliography

Council of Science Editors (CSE)

    • CSE manuscript format
    • In-text references
    • List of references

Academic Enhancement Opportunities

Whether you are trying to enhance your acceptability, qualify for scholarships, or improve your standing in select programs, a strong performance on standardized testing can make the difference. Learning strategies and honing those skills that tests like the SAT, the ACT and high school entrance exams focus on is the best way to prepare. St Joseph runs a variety of courses designed with this focus in mind.


SJHS Program of Studies Guide

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