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Freshmen Success Program



Beginning in September 2022, all incoming freshmen will actively participate in our new Freshman Success Program designed to provide a seamless transition from middle school to St. Joseph High School. More specifically, two School Counselors and a team of dedicated SJ staff members will be charged with guiding and supporting our newest Cadets throughout their transitional year at St. Joes. This is especially important because the freshman class includes students from 34 towns and 50 middle schools. 

This programmatic change is one of our Strategic Educational Programming Priorities focused upon Enhancing Four-Year College Initiatives. More specifically, this strategic objective calls for the creation of a freshman transition skills curriculum which will include academic empowerment, resiliency, executive functioning skills, and personal responsibility. Through a variety of workshops, speakers, and service opportunities, we will ensure all freshmen receive regular academic guidance and support; are able to easily access school resources; and are connected to the community through social and service opportunities as they discovery their unique aptitudes and passions. Further, the Freshman Success Program’s initiatives will increase the scope and frequency of peer-to-peer mentorship and diverse opportunities for involvement across all school departments for our newest Cadets.


Ensuring a Smooth Transition to High School

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SJ is a community of faith, family, and friendship. You'll feel it as soon as you walk through the doors: a welcome that is freely given. A pride that bonds the community. A belief that strengthens the spirit. A connection that lasts a lifetime. when you join the St. Joes family, you are known, and admired for who you are and who you're working to become.

Meet the Freshmen Success Team!