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A New Way of Spending on Cafeteria & Bookstore Purchases

St. Joseph High School allows students to use their I.D. cards to also serve as their student spending card.

MyKidsSpending (MKS) is a safe and secure website where parents can view and manage their student’s spending account activity at any time. Through the MKS website, parents may deposit funds into their student’s account using a credit card or electronic check.  You can also set up the account to auto-fund when the balance is low. 

To register, visit and choose "Getting Started" from the Menu at the top.​​ Enter your contact information, click the register button, and a password will be emailed to you.  All students will be given a student ID number to use for their account. 


What are the benefits of using MyKidsSpending?  

Parents can view their student’s activity within 24 hours of a transaction. Parents may add funds to the spending account at any time. Parents with more than one student  would be able to manage all of their students through one login and one  password. 

How do I register for My Kids Spending? 

Visit and click the "Getting Started" link at the top of the website. Enter contact information and click the  register button, a password will be emailed to you. PLEASE NOTE: When prompted, enter student’s last name and student’s ID number. 

My student’s balance is low. How can I add funds to their account? 

You can deposit funds by using a credit card or electronic check. International students/parents can fund with a credit card as long as it is Visa, MasterCard, or American Express or with a checking account drawn on a U.S. Bank. You can also set up the account to auto-fund when the balance is low.

I noticed there are transaction fees involved with the online deposits. Why is that? 

This is the cost of doing business electronically. The small fee, charged by My Kids Spending is used to cover the bank and credit card transaction fee and hosting the secure website.   

Will I need to register every year?

No, your registration with My Kids Spending does not expire. 

Should you wish to contact My Kids Spending for customer support, please send an e‐mail to You may also call them at (855) 302‐0070 or  if calling from abroad (617) 868‐0060.     

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