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Congratulations to our AP Scholars!

Congratulations to our AP Scholars!
AP Scholars 2022

We are so proud of our 2022 AP Scholars! Please join us in congratualting the following students:

Class of 2024 AP Scholars
Andrew Burke; Teagan Cavaliere (with Honor); Nicholas Cebrik (with Honor); Isabella Corona (with Honor); Mark Cronin; Kathleen Dineen (with Honor); Cameron Distinti (with Honor); Niamh Dougherty; Sarah Fonseca; Danielle Haniph; Skyler Johansen; Julia Kaye (with Honor); Andrew Keeler; Maria Oliveira; Sophie Sergiyenko; Samantha  Stone; Matthew Tabet (with Honor); Allison Ziegler
Class of 2023 AP Scholars

Jamie Andrade (with Distinction); John Canavan (with Distinction); Daniel Debartolomeo (with Honor); Angelina Gonzalez; Siena Harper; Susan Mahoney (with Distinction); David Mangahis (with Honor); Sofia Papanikolaou (with Distinction); Natalie Plavec (with Distinction); Natalie Roney (with Distinction); Jayanth  Sambaraju (with Distinction); Jacob Sciamanna (with Distinction); Madison Spadaccino; Maximilian Spies (with Distinction); Shengxin Zhang