Introducing Our New Dean of Student Life!

With pride and confidence, we are thrilled to announce that Mr Matthew Kavulich has been selected and appointed as our new Dean of Student Life. Mr Kavulich will begin his new role on campus on Monday, August 3, 2020.
Please join us in congratulating and wishing Mr Kavulich continued professional success and fulfillment in his new position. 

Learn More About Mr Kavulich!

Matthew Kavulich holds a Bachelor of Music in Music Education and has recently completed his Masters of Music in Music Education from The Hartt School, University of Hartford.

This is Mr Kavulich’s seventh year at St Joes and he is very involved in the school community. Since joining the St Joes faculty, Matthew has served as a freshman class moderator, sophomore class moderator, volleyball coach, bowling coach, and moderator of multiple music clubs.

Tell Us More About Yourself:

I was born and raised in Stratford, CT and attended Bunnell High School. I love being involved in the SJ community - especially when it comes to music and athletics.

Why the role of Dean, and What are You Most Excited About?

Taking on the role of Dean of Student Life is the perfect opportunity to have a positive impact on every student in the school. That is what I'm most excited about. I also can't wait to work with the faculty to continue to instill a sense of privilege and responsibility in our community.

This is Your Seventh Year at St Joes. What Has Been Your Favorite Moment so Far?

Easy. All of the music performances. I love sharing music with our community.

What is Your Advice for Our Freshmen Students?

Work hard. It's important to start off on the right foot. And if you ever feel overwhelmed, my door is always open.