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Life of the Pardee

Life of the Pardee

The following article was published in our Spring 2023 Communique. Read the Communique here!


An Iconic Staple at St. Joes, Patrick Pardee is Now in his 49th Year of Teaching Science to our SJ Cadets.

It’s the first day of school and Sophomore students who have yet to meet Mr. Pardee are filing

Pat Pardee 1982

nervously into his classroom for their Chemistry lesson. As he introduces himself and the items around his classroom, he explains to the students what a chemical fume hood is used for. He stands underneath the hood and jokingly asks, “What am I now?” The students stare nervously in silence. “I’m a Pardee in the hood….you get it?” The class erupts into laughter. The ice has been broken, the shoulders relax, and the room is ready to learn. Pat’s sense of humor and calm demeanor have been a staple at St. Joes for 49 of our 60 years in existence.

It was a twist of fate that brought Patrick Pardee to our SJ classrooms. After he graduated from the College of Holy Cross with a Bachelors in Chemistry, Pat had his sights set on medical school. The only caveat: he didn’t get in to the exceptionally competitive program. But rather than despair over this change of plans, Pat decided to switch gears and try his hand at teaching. He worked in a small high school at first – “so small that I had to teach every one of their science classes” – until a friend  recommended St. Joes. “I actually ended up teaching the daughter of said friend, and I’m currently teaching his grandson!”

Pat Pardee 1978

Though he began as an SJ Chemistry teacher, Pat has also made an impact on our students by teaching Physics and Environmental Science. He also served as the Science Department Chair for 20 years.

“I really love teaching science to my students. I love helping students understand the course and really learn where the origins of all matter come from.”

When asked whether the classroom has changed since he’s begun teaching, Pat shakes his head. “Chemistry is chemistry; the science hasn’t changed much. The delivery, though, and how you teach the students is a bit different, of course!”

In addition to his classroom antics, Pat has spent much of his time at St. Joes as a coach – Head  softball Coach, as well as an Assistant Coach of both Girls Basketball and Girls Volleyball, coaching 55 total seasons of three sports.

Pat Pardee 1974

“I just love sports. There’s something about leading a team – the strategy, the game play, the victory –

that makes everything worthwhile.” In 2001, Pat led our softball team to their first FCIAC Championship, gracing our gymnasium with yet another banner. It’s still his favorite SJ memory. Up until 2022, Pat was also the winningest coach in SJ Softball with 238 wins, which was recently surpassed by Coach Babineau.

There is no understating the impact that Pat has had on our students after nearly half a century. “I love when the students tell me that my course has changed the trajectory of their lives, or when alumni tell me that they’ve pursued careers in the sciences. Just last year, I had four students tell me
that they were going to major in Environmental Science after taking my course. It makes me feel so proud and honored to be inspiring the next generation of scientists.”


As Pat turns the page to year 50 in September, he looks forward to the possibility of retirement and a life filled with sports and relaxation.

Pat Pardee 2017

“But who knows? I’ll probably come back to teach as a substitute every now and then.”

We sure hope so.