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Second NCAA Signing Day!

Second NCAA Signing Day!

On Tuesday, May 7, St. Joes hosted our second NCAA Signing Day ceremony for our senior athletes. Eight student-athletes signed National Letters of Intent or Celebratory Letters in seven different sports, including:  

  • Nathan Covert – Football – University of Akron – Division 1
  • Paden Larkins – Baseball – University of Massachusetts at Boston – Division 3
  • Daniel Kron – Boys Lacrosse – Arcadia University – Division 3
  • Lucy Santoli – Girls Volleyball – Keene State University – Division 3
  • Erin Lovett – Girls Basketball/Girls Volleyball – Vassar University – Division 3
  • Dominick Parry – Football – Curry College – Division 3
  • Mark Torre – Ice Hockey – Alvernia University – Division 3
  • Sean Christy – Boys Basketball – University of Connecticut at Avery Point – Division 3/JUCO

 The National Letter of Intent (NLI) is a document used to indicate a student’s commitment to participating in National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) colleges and universities. The NLI is a binding agreement between a student-athlete and an NLI member institution. The Celebratory Letter (for Division III athletes) indicates that a student has been accepted to and plans to attend an institution.  The following St. Joes Seniors will participate:

In November 2023, St. Joes held the first NCAA Signing Day for ten of our student-athletes, bringing the Class of 2024's total to 18 Seniors playing at the collegiate level. Those athletes were:

  • Nick Coppola – Baseball – Marist College – Division 1
  • Taylor Jenkins – Soccer – University of Connecticut – Division 1
  • Meghan Hoynes – Lacrosse – LaSalle University – Division 1
  • Maeve Matthews – Soccer – University of Rhode Island – Division 1
  • Janelli Pratts – Softball – Assumption University – Division 2
  • James Corry – Lacrosse – Rochester Institute of Technology – Division 3
  • Sofia Chaves – Field Hockey – Kenyon College – Division 3
  • Lauren Davis – Softball – Williams College – Division 3
  • Jill Guilfoyle – Softball – Rhode Island College – Division 3
  • Analise Hubert – Softball – Western Connecticut State University – Division 3

“According to the NCAA, only about 6% of high school athletes will go on to play a Varsity sport at college, but St. Joes consistently boasts 10% or more of our seniors playing at the Division 1, 2, or 3 level,” remarked Kevin Butler, Athletics Director at St. Joseph High School. “When you think about the amount of time spent on and off the field – the hard work and commitment, both academically and athletically – it’s no wonder that they were selected to play at the next level. We wish all of our Cadets the best and we cannot wait to see what they do next.”

As part of their NLI, prospective student-athletes agree to attend the institution full-time for one academic year and the institution agrees to provide athletes financial aid for one academic year. St. Joseph High School will host an additional NCAA Signing Day in the Spring for scholar-athletes who sign later in the year.