SJ Hosts Incredible Fine Arts Concert!

On Tuesday, May 25, St Joes hosted our first ever outdoor fine arts concert! Students from our Choir, Advanced Chamber Choir, Band, Advanced Band, and Steel Pan Band showed off their artistic talents and skills underneath our event tent. It was a wonderful night for our students and their parents! Scroll down to read the names of the students who participated. Or visit our SmugMug page for a few photos.  

In addition, St Joes believes that a foundation in the arts develops cognitive, analytical, problem solving, and task completion skills. The arts allow students to develop self-expression through visual, aural, and performance mediums. During this incredibly unique school year, we couldn't be more proud of our students and their dedication to honing their artistic skills.

We hope you take the time to watch the slideshow above to view some of our student's fine arts work!



Fine Arts Concert Students:


  • Nguyen Huynh; Roselah Masbad; Amelia McTigue; Samantha Miller; Avery Novia; Niki Tsilfides

Advanced Chamber Choir

  • Stephanie Alves; Janelle Cantil;Niko Charney; Cathlyn Pinto; Sabrina Rosa; Sophie Sergiyenko; Chloe Zalenski


  • Alexander Balko; Dominic Bashara; Anirudh Bhatti; Olivia Jenkins; Jason Lambert; Henri LaVoie; Daniel Lee; Peter Monks; Jeremy Paulemon; Thomas Phelan; Nathan Ramos; Tim Scalzo; Kushal Singh; Logan Spoelstra; Weijun Wang; Amanda Zurolo

Steel Pan

  • Joe Buccigross; Niko Charney; Hailey Cocca; Megan Frattaroli; Dylan Kipp; Eilis Monahan; Silvia Zarma

Advanced Band

  • Devon Cavaliere (J); Jack Cocca (J); Jack Harrington (J); Joe Harrington (J)**; Will Joergensen (J); Christina Kratt (J); Samantha Miller (J)**; James Murano; Madelynn Silberger (J); Zheng Zhang


(J) Jazz Combo
*Western Regional Band
**All State Band