Welcome to our home. We'd like to tell you a little bit about us, which means telling you about our students, because they come first.

We are student centered, and our students are in a word: confident. They celebrate each other. They do not have to put one another down to make themselves feel good. That’s not true everywhere. And that doesn’t happen by accident. It happens because we know what our core values are at St Joe’s: faith, family, and your future.

We are a faith-based school, for Catholics and non-Catholics alike. We want you here. We celebrate differences. We seek out diversity. We have Jewish students. We have Muslim students. We have an established international student program to give us a global perspective. We have exceptional economic and ethnic diversity for a private school. Here, we believe God loves everybody, equally, no matter what kind of car they drive. We approach our studies with a sense of purpose and responsibility. MoraI leadership is part of the curriculum. You will learn civics. You will also learn civic responsibility. Privilege and Responsibility is our motto—with just a pinch of risk taking thrown in.

We are academic. We are not a high school; we are a college preparatory school. And we are not your grandfather’s prep school. We are focused on the future, emphasizing 21st century skills. Our curriculum is project based, our research-oriented facilities are tied to the world coming at us, our technology is integrated throughout the school. We do not ask the elementary school how far did you get. We ask the college admissions office what do you need, and commit ourselves to getting you to that level.

We are co-ed. Our community is comprised of 50% male and 50% female students. We know girls learn differently than boys; we simply do not think they should learn separately. Businesses tell us today, relational intelligence is just as important as academic achievement. Learning how to relate to others will be just as important as your 5s on the AP exams.

It matters where you go to high school. You do not have time for regrets. We are not the one per-centers, nor the ninety-nine per-centers. We are the one hundred per-centers. Everybody graduates. Everybody goes to college. That’s what we do and we do it well. Enjoy your visit!




St Joseph High School, 2320 Huntington Turnpike, Trumbull, CT 06611

Normal School Hours (2020-2021): 7:55am - 2:15pm

  • Students arrive as early as 7:00am (go to café, purchase breakfast, or do homework)
  • 1st Bell is 7:40am (students to go to their lockers).
  • 7:55am students ready in their first period class.
  • 2:15pm is dismissal.
  • Media Center is open until 5:30pm.




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