In-Person Learning

The significantly improved state, county, and local COVID-19 data and the Governor’s strategic relaxation of COVID-19 restrictions has inspired confidence in our forward planning for the full return of our students for the fourth marking period (beginning March 17). With the inoculation process of many adults and essential employees, the refined understanding of COVID-19 risk mitigation in schools, and possibility of outdoor opportunities that return with spring, we believe that it is the right time to expand our daily in-person learning model. Most importantly, we believe that a return to in-person learning will provide our students with a safe and much-needed, joyous conclusion to this unique school year.

Our COVID-19 Response Team and the Trumbull Department of Emergency Management are preparing to implement our revised safety plan in anticipation of the arrival of our students including: increased frequency of sanitization protocols, controlled directional hallway traffic flow, extended space for lunch, updated classroom policies, and seating charts. To best assist us with our internal operation planning, we ask that one parent/guardian from each family complete a brief survey to indicate your student’s school attendance preference by March 3, 2021 (survey below). It is important to note that virtual options will remain available for all students who may wish to utilize this model.

The successful return to school is contingent upon full adherence to the St Joseph High School safety plan. St Joseph High School administrators, faculty, staff, students, and parents are asked to continue to comply with our community pledge and code of conduct detailing transparency of communication, self-screening, quarantine, and compliance with COVID-19 safety and exposure protocols. Resources including this pledge, self-screening guidance, and general expectations are available on the “Come Home to Joe” webpage. Thank you for your continued support and partnership.






Full-Return Safety Summary

The transition to a Full Reopening Learning Model is planned with careful attention to executive orders, Center for Disease Control (CDC), State of Connecticut Office of the Governor, and the Town of Trumbull Department of Health guidelines. This plan is subject to change as necessary. The health and safety of our community is of paramount importance.

The full return of all students requires continued adherence to our School Reopening Plan safety protocols with some revisions to our facility utilization including social distancing space within the classroom. A full return of all students will require desks to be distanced at six feet, but no less than 4ft away from one another within the classroom. The continued cooperation and vigilance of our students with regard to safety protocols has inspired confidence in our adaptability. Students, faculty and staff will prepare for the return of our full student body through education and protocol rehearsal leading up to March 17.

Family Considerations: Parents will be able to elect a full virtual education plan for students, allowing them to learn from home should they choose not to attend in a full return model. Families considering this option should fill out the survey on the right and feel free to contact the Dean of Students, Mr Matthew Kavulich by March 3, 2021 to determine next steps.

Learning Model and Extracurricular Engagement: Students planning to participate in spring sports or in-person after-school activities must commit to in-person instruction. However, students learning virtually are permitted to attend select traditional events of significance (noted with an asterisk here).





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