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since 1962, St Joseph High School has prepared our young men and women to realize their potential, helps them to excel in higher education, and provides a foundation to guide them throughout their lives. we are the largest, co-ed, catholic high school in the state of connecticut.



SJHS Fast Facts 2021-22


Growing Faith and Embracing Values

"Let us love one another, for love is of God."

Because we are a Catholic school, we welcome you, we value you, and we believe you in your future. Our faith-based learning community helps you engage with confidence the distances between cultures, religions, and borders. Campus Ministry, our Chaplain, and the theology faculty are essential partners with academics and the activities program, helping you to discover your unique gifts, to grow spiritually, and to live in service to the global community. We celebrate our shared values with people of all faiths. 

From your first day at St Joes, your path is focused on college preparatory academics – rigorous, multidimensional, and diversified. Students are confident; safe in their environment and safe to try new things. Our campus fosters motivation, pairing collegiate-quality facilities and cutting edge technologies to elevate your learning experience. Our exceptional faculty combine the academic credentials and practical experience to inspire collaboration, creativity and critical thinking, providing you the competitive edge for college admission.
Pride in Maroon & Gold
Whether you are a competitive athlete or fanatical spectator, St Joe’s pride is on your side. Our student-athletes have access to state-of-the-art athletic facilities on campus as they train to compete within the FCIAC – the most competitive conferences in Connecticut. Under the direction of our Health & Wellness Director, students develop sport-specific skills and fitness habits for life. With decades of championship banners gracing our gym walls, the St Joseph High School athletic program is spirited and talented. So whether it’s a pep rally, the big game, homecoming, or final race – everyone comes together in support of maroon and gold.
At St Joes, we are dedicated to educating a community of believers, confident about tomorrow. Yet, it is the spirit of our community that makes the difference. Where you go to high school matters, with whom you go matters. We encourage individual achievement within the moral parameters of our motto – with Privilege comes Responsibility. Here, our students develop a life-long love of serving those in need and giving generously of their time and unique gifts.
At St Joes, you will find a happy, safe community where everyone is celebrated and everyone belongs. Students define their individual aptitudes outside the classroom through endless involvement opportunities. Our school calendar is always full – student clubs and activities, global immersion trips, social events, fine and performing arts showcases, service, and more. Here you will develop a legacy, refine your moral compass, and meet lifelong friends. And your journey doesn’t end upon graduation, for you will join a longstanding community of over 10,000 alumni who always come home to “Joe.”



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