A Longstanding Tradition of Maroon & Gold

Founded in 1962, St Joseph High School is a self-governing institution within the Diocese of Bridgeport. It is a co-ed, catholic college preparatory community of 800+ students.


An Excerpt from the Very First SJ Yearbook (1966):

To build means to take raw materials and to create something where nothing existed before. To build means to take an empty shell, an assortment of people, an ideal, and through courage, determination, and spirit, form a school. 

On a rainy day in September of 1962, 250 freshmen climbed the steps of St. Stephen Grammar School in Monroe and met their faculty for the first time. When these two forces joined, the dream of St. Joseph High School became a reality.

They had no building of their own that first year, but then, no structure could have housed their spirit. Brick and mortar could wait - the real school took shape in the hands of the students and teachers.  Together they experimented and established traditions. The attendance at all athletic functions and the choosing of the team name, "Cadets", a "Harvest Festival", and the newly-initiated Student Council's production, "Pageant of America," and a mission medical drive promised to all area residents that St Joseph High School would not remain unheard of for long. 

By September 1963, when SJ's student body had outgrown its home, a new high school awaited them on Huntington Turnpike in Trumbull. Down its corridors, new doors would open each year as a growing curriculum kept pace with student needs. 

September 1964 began an eventful year for the first junior class. PSATs made their first appearance as St. Joes in October and the terrifying words, "College Boards" soon entered their vocabulary. In June, Juniors recieved the symbol of three years' labor and achievement - the school ring - a garnet set in gold. 

September 1965 - a year of completion and a year of beginning. A senior class completed the school and began a line of St Joes graduates. All of the events that they brought to the school - including a Christmas Dance, Studnet Council, and Senior Prom - comprise the story of St Joseph High School and that of its first graduating classes having molded and shaped the spirit and personality of a school that will continue to grow as long as St Joseph exists.


 Maroon & Gold Timeline


  • Building work begins on the new co-institutional school, run by the Marist Brothers and the School Sisters of Notre Dame.
  • The  building at 2320 Huntington Turnpike opens. Brother Joseph Kelly is Principal of the boys, and Sisters Alphonsine is Principal for the girls.
  • St Joseph High School presents the first graduating class from both the girls and the boys schools.


  • St Joseph High School becomes a co-educational facility. Brother Edward Caffrey is the first Principal to serve in this capacity. 
  • A faculty room and senior lounge are instituted, and become the favored spots on the first floor.
  • In 1976, Monsignor Richard Shea is appointed Principal of St Joseph High School.


  • St Joe's embarks during this decade on an ambitious schedule of expansion: a new school wing housing the Guidance Office, an art room and additional teaching space is built, and the athletic complex is realized.
  • With detail-oriented and gregarious, Brother David, in charge of Student Activities, St Joseph High School hosts a successful Walk-a-thon and the message of ‘Go for Joe’ is born.


  • The Advisory Board of Directors for St Joseph High School is established.


  • St Joseph High School adopts a model of  Principal/President model. Richard Bishop serves as President, and Dr. Matthew Kenney as Principal.
  • Five new science labs are opened in the school, providing expanded opportunities for both teaching and learning in Chemistry, Biology, Physics and Earth Sciences.
  • Kenneth Mayo is appointed as Principal.
  • A new Altar is dedicated in the Alumni Chapel, and the newly renovated and expanded fields, tennis courts, and track are named the Dalling Sports Complex.
  • Dr. William Fitzgerald is appointed as President.


  • The school constructs the O'Keefe Academic Center, adding 19,000 square feet of instructional and collaborative space for the community.
  • St Joseph High School celebrates 50 years of continued excellence in Catholic education, with over 800 students enrolled, a wait list for all four classes, and an excited eye turned to the future.
  • Dr. James Keane is appointed as Principal.
  • A Wetlands & Nature Boardwalk is completed in 2017.
  • A state of the art Health & Wellness Center is built in 2018.
  • In 2019, Mrs. Nancy DiBuono was appointed as Principal.


  • Mr . David Klein is appointed President in 2020. 
  • Due to a global pandemic, St Joseph High School offers virtual education for the first time in its history. The 2021 school year begins in a hybrid learning model (students take turns learning both at home via camera and in-person at school). By February 2021, the school re-opens fully for all students.




Front of School


The St. Joseph High School Sign in 1960


St. Joes in 1963


Sister Whalen and Brother Caffrey


St. Joes in the 1970s


1980s St. Joes


Walkathon in the 1980s


Walkathon in the 1980s


SJHS in the 1990s


SJHS in the 1990s